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Camila Morais
Camila Morais | 28 de August de 2023
11 min. de leitura
Success Case | Dóris, from Weni

Meet Weni's virtual assistant, Doris. See what she does and the numbers she has achieved so far.

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Weni | 25 de August de 2023
9 min. de leitura
Native ChatGPT integration on the Weni Platform: see how you can use it

A integração nativa do ChatGPT na Weni Plataforma permite que você tenha a mesma inteligência do

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Camila Morais
Camila Morais | 24 de July de 2023
7 min. de leitura
Rules and ethical uses of Artificial Intelligence: Weni’s ethical guidelines

The use of artificial intelligence has transformed the way people work and communicate. But it is ne

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Camila Morais
Camila Morais | 19 de May de 2023
5 min. de leitura
ChatGPT Prompts: Get to know the types and creat intelligent conversations

The prompts for Chat GPT are the commands and types of instructions you give for generating the requ

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