Humanize communication with
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Create conversation flows that engage

To get results, you need to build conversations that connect people. Use the power of an uncomplicated chatbot platform to make your project’s conversation flows. Have a more assertive communication that really converts the audience.

Weni Flows meets your business! ✅

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Powerful integration with ChatGPT

Transform your customers' experience with the latest in Generative Artificial Intelligence. Integrate WhatsApp, social networks, your website and other channels.

Guide the same AI as ChatGPT to specialize in your company and let it handle everything from support to sales, automatically. No more superficial answers and queues.

Offer better experiences with our Artificial Intelligence

Train or connect your chatbot with one click to one of the intelligences already available to process your contacts’ responses. Also facilitate conversations with the QA (Questions Answering) model for the bot to read and interpret texts.

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Ensure Human Care and scale the customer journey

When your audience requests human assistance, your agents will be notified on the platform and will have access to the entire chatbot conversation history.

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Connect your audience to:
Movidesk Rocketchat Salesforce Twillio flex

Multiple channels

Humanized Conversational Platform
Engage e converta mais e mais rápido na rede social mais popular para contas empresariais.
Humanized Conversational Platform
Facebook Messenger
Talk to consumers and have better control of you Facebook engagement

and many other channels…







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Multiple channels

Offer the best service experience with Weni Platform. With more than 100 channels already integrated, improve communication with your customers and chat in real time and on their preferred channel.
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Powerful Integrations

The CRM platform that has all the tools and integrations for marketing, sales and operations.
Integrated CRM platform that offers all departments a single, shared view of each customer.
ERP capable of serving companies from various segments with the same efficiency.
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Complete system for managing and optimizing academic processes.

and many other integrations…



Twillio flex


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Powerful Integrations

Versatility manage your project on Weni Plataforma and create an intelligent service. You can integrate with CRM, ERP or any other tool your business already uses to customize your communication.
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We are official WhatsApp Business API provider

If your project needs to connect to WhatsApp or migrate the API, bring your account to Weni and evolve your service with someone who understands and is the official messenger’s Business Solution Provider (BSP).
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Migrate your account to Weni

How does it work?
Weni is certified by WhatsApp to use their API
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Sem dúvidas a solução da Weni nos facilitou na comunicação com nossos clientes, principalmente na comunicação ativa. A taxa de retorno é bem alta.
Rafael Profeta
Lider de Integrações - Bild Vitta
"O Suporte que a empresa fornece é ativo e sempre disposto a encontrar soluções"
Letícia Nascimento
Supervisora - Cruzeiro do Sul
"A plataforma Weni é completa. Crio fluxos, gerencio projetos com facilidade e agilidade. Excelência resume minha experiência com a Weni."
Fhelyp Guimarães
"Correspondeu nossas expectativas para dar vazão a massividade de atendimentos remotos, de forma inteligente e rápida."
Adriano Santos
Analista Corporativo - UniFTC
"Encontramos a solução da Weni com uma tecnologia completa de integração que nos deu escalabilidade."
Luana Carvalho
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