Two-factor authentication: What it is, types, and how to enable 2FA

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16 de August de 2022
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two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is a technology used to create an extra layer of security on your accounts, regardless of type – banking apps, social networks, delivery, and even on the Weni Platform.  

With the advancement of cybercriminals’ abilities, data leakage, and fraud, you need to keep your accesses protected. 

Follow this article and understand the technology behind this security and how to enable your two-factor authentication on Weni Platform. 

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication is a system for identifying users on various types of accounts, websites, applications, software, and platforms. 

It is called an extra layer of protection because it prevents inappropriate access – either from malicious people or just because others cannot access certain information. 

Therefore, this is an extremely important technology when we think about data leakage, especially when there is loss of devices such as computers and cell phones, or even remote intrusion into your devices. 

How does two-factor authentication work? 

Also called 2FA, two-factor authentication works from two stages of verifying your identity in order to gain access to your account. Typically, the first stage of identification is a login and password. 

The second stage of authentication varies depending on the type of service you are accessing, and can be a PIN, code sent by email or SMS, and even a photo or biometrics. 

Do I really need two-factor authentication? 

Yes! With the increasing agility of hackers and other malicious people, having only your password as a form of access protection is no longer enough

In this sense, two-factor authentication works like a protective vest. So even if someone finds out your password, they will not be able to access your account if this second layer of identification is in place. 

This is an even more important factor when we consider that many people shop or access band applications over public wi-fi networks. When this habit is added to a weak password, the exposure to cybercriminals is even more. 

However, it is important that you do your part and help this technology. Do not share passwords and authentications with others and never click on links from social networks, or WhatsApp that you have not requested. 

Some criminals send login links to fake pages so they can access your accounts – a practice called phishing

Types of two-factor authentication 

The three types of two-factor authentication are: 

  • biology;
  • knowledge; 
  • possession. 

Biological 2FA is one that requires facial recognition, voice recognition, biometrics, fingerprinting, or even eye-retina scanning (if you have the necessary scanning devices). 

In knowledge-type two-factor authentication the identification is done by asking questions that only you can know. For example, a code received on your computer or cell phone, registered information . 

In the possession model, authentication may require you to plug in a USB token or have your credit card in hand, for example. 

Types of authenticators in 2FA

In the authentication types different authenticators can be used, these are:

  • SMS;
  • email
  • push notifications;
  • location;
  • software tokens (applications you need to have installed, usually on your computer)
  • physical tokens (or hardware token) (devices you connect before logging in). 

How do I enable two-factor authentication? 

To enable two-factor authentication, or confirm that it is already enabled, simply access the privacy settings of your applications and systems. 

If you are unable to access this information, be sure to contact the online service support and see if 2FA is available for your devices. 

Two-factor authentication at the Weni Platform

Weni Platform values your privacy and data security from the very first access. Therefore, you can enable two-factor authentication to protect your organization or limit access to only users who have enabled authentication. 

To secure your account, Weni uses Microsoft Authenticator. This is a free and secure application for managing your two-factor access credentials. It works by means of a code that changes every 30 secure sessions. 

So there is no way for people to memorize or save the code, as it loses its validity in less than a minute. 

Below, follow a step-by-step walkthrough to activate your two-factor authentication on the Weni Platform:

  • Log in to your Weni Platform account
  • Click on your profile picture or your organization’s logo
  • Select the Account menu
two factor authentication
  • On the left hand side, click on Privacy and Security 
two-factor authentication weni platform
  • Enable authentication
  • Download the version of Microsoft Authenticator that is compatible with your smartphone
enable two-fator authentication
  • Once downloaded, log out of your Weni Platform account
  • Log in to your account on the Weni Platform again
  • Generate a code by the Microsoft Authenticator application. Done! Secure and verified account. 

Two-factor authentication or, 2FA, is a simple verification, but one that can prevent many problems when accessing your accounts. So, try to activate this extra layer of security in your applications and in the Weni Platform. 

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