Service customer channels with chatbots: how to choose the best?



4 de December de 2017
6 min. de leitura


4 de December de 2017
6 min. de leitura
Service customer channels with chatbots: how to choose the best?

Did you know that you can use multiple channels of service with chatbots? At first, when we come into contact with this technology, many of us think it’s limited to SMS or Facebook Messenger. But the truth is that there are as many channels of service with chatbots as you can imagine.

Today we will show you exactly what customer service channels work with chatbots, what are the advantages of using this technology and how to choose the ideal medium to create your own. You ready? So let’s go!

What are the customer service channels with chatbots?

There are a variety of customer service channels on the market with chatbots. Basically, if there’s a platform dedicated to conversation, at this point it’s likely that it will support a bot technology.

However, this information alone isn’t enough to help you to choose the best channel for your chatbot. It’s necessary, in fact, knowing in which channels chatbots work to understand how they can serve its audience better.

One of the most traditional tools for chatbots is the SMS. It’s advantageous because it doesn’t require your client to install any specific application, have a social networking account or need any intermediary to contact your company.

Simply send a message to a specific number and receive the guidance you need. However, as simple as SMS chatbots are, they offer a small challenge: to interact with them, people need to have their own phone. And it can be a problem. Since many chatbots do the customer service it’s normal that they are needed at times when people don’t have access to their phones.

Imagine, for example, that you want to contact your mobile operator to block your line, ’cause you’ve just lost the handset. If it has SMS chatbots you’re unlikely to be able to do it right away.

That’s why chatbots are also popular on other networks. Especially those created for Facebook. Using a platform account, customers have access to millions of pages and their chatbots, ready to serve them and carry out their wishes.

It may seem that they have a smaller reach in this social network, initially than by SMS. But the truth is that most of the people have a Facebook account, so you wouldn’t require anything more than what is already part of your consumer routine.

Another great place to install your chatbot, following this logic, is your own website. There, consumers wouldn’t need to make a specific register to be served or to have access to a specific technology, such as a cell phone. And because of this, chatbots services embedded in web pages become more and more popular.

Applications like Whatsapp, Telegram, and Viber may also receive chatbots. Ideally, as you might realize throughout this section, it would, therefore, be to have chatbots versions for each of these platforms. So customer chooses where they want to be served and it seems more convenient.

Obviously, developing multiple chatbots isn’t always in the business plan. That’s why they must decide what platforms are most relevant and require their presence.

And the main advantages of using this technology?

The use of chatbots is advantageous in several ways. They can simplify a lot the interaction between your business and the consumer and make routine contacts automated.

From the execution of orders in a delivery system to addressing common questions about the use of their products and services, chatbots can take action. With their humanized and, at the same time, automated solutions, they give your customer an efficient sense and to your team, time to devote to other tasks.

As chatbots change constantly, adapting to new types of interaction, it isn’t an exaggeration to think about a future in which they will make all the customer services of your company. And this can mean a real revolution.

How to choose the perfect channel for my chatbot?

Knowing that chatbots are the next big thing when it comes to customer service, you should already be thrilled to invest in yours. However, even with the information you have had so far, you couldn’t pinpoint exactly what would be the perfect environment for installing your chatbots. In this, we can help you.

The idea of a chatbot is to democratize the access to the service that your company offers for clients. So the first thing to consider when you’re choosing a platform is how your consumers behave online.

Those who serve a more traditional audience, which doesn’t respond well to initiatives on Facebook, for example, may not see great advantage in putting your chatbot on this social network. But you can find amazing results by SMS or on your own website.

The initial exercise to do at the time you’re choosing where to install a chatbot is the one to understand your audience. What environments do they go to online, how they prefer to contact their company, and how often they do it.

Then, the following points regarding the technology will have to be considered. Is the platform you have chosen capable of delivering all the features you have imagined for your chatbot? If not, is there another platform that can do this?

As much as the chatbots are everywhere, there are particularities in its operation in each channel. Exactly, for this reason, it may be that a Facebook chatbot has more functions to deliver than one in Whatsapp, for example.

This needs to be taken into account when making the choice. After all, a chatbot should work to simplify people’s lives and if it’s in the ideal channel for this it’s likely that it won’t be able to do so.

Lastly, you should consider the developers’ experience. If you’re working with someone who does chatbots for SMS much better than Facebook, it’s a good idea to prioritize this channel.

Now that you know that many service channels with chatbots are available, simply to use the tips given in this text to choose the right one for your business. And, after doing this, be sure to get in touch with Push. We gonna love helping you in creating your first chatbot!

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