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2 de October de 2017
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Chatbots promise to be the retail marketing future, efficiently serving customer demands in post-sales, online sales and, above all, helping companies create more effective marketing strategies appropriate to the consumers’ reality.

Thinking about it, in this post, we decided to elucidate some points on the chatbots use, showing the coordinates of this true technological revolution in the relationship between companies and their clients. Are you ready? Follow us!

Artificial intelligence advances

Facebook launched this year 2017, its Messenger version 2.0. This version gives full support to chatbots and customer service has since been streamlined through this tool.

With the recent advances in artificial intelligence technologies, the bot operation basis, companies can use chatbots more extensively, incorporating a broader range of automated responses, thereby extending the effectiveness and the tool functionality.

In addition, the technical advances in the artificial intelligence and machine learning areas allow chatbots an increasingly humanized service. In this way, their language becomes more natural, because the tendency is to be able to give greater customization to bots programming, making them more user-friendly and less embedded in the dialogue with him.

Companies using chatbots examples

One of the success big cases in chatbots use has been Uber. The most valuable startup in the United States was one of the first to close partnership with Facebook, making it possible to access its services through the Messenger tool.

No dia-a-dia do usuário, esse simples fato converte-se em mais comodidade e fluidez no uso das ferramentas mobile: você não precisa aumentos mudar de app para viabilizar o transporte para a happy hour que acabou de marcar no Messenger.

Another creative and impressive example of using bots is the Superplayer app. This competing music streaming service from Spotify has created a DJ Zack bot that can make nominations for each platform user profile. Zack can still be used with a real DJ at a party, instantly creating playlists according to the users taste there. All this without leaving chat in Messenger.

Possibilities it generates in marketing

In addition to the customer service issues in the retail sector and in other sectors, chatbots also open up new possibilities for business marketing.

Through the rich interaction they enable with customers, companies can design and implement more personalized marketing strategies, offering more appropriate proposals to their customers’ profiles. This is because these profiles or personas will be able to be better mapped through the data obtained through the monitoring of customer services via chatbot.

Improvement in customer satisfaction

In recent research, Gartner estimates that by 2020 85% of customer services will be made without humans. This already indicates the chatbots use as a strong trend for the future of the relationship between consumers and companies.

But how does this affect customer satisfaction in the retail industry? The answer is simple: increasingly improving the experience of this user, given that through chatbots it’s possible to extend this interaction to a greater occasions number in people’s daily lives.

With this, the service’s ability to meet the client needs in a more agile and dynamic way increases greatly.

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