How can my social impact organization leverage WhatsApp?

    Marina Pereira

    Consultant to UNICEF project “Pode Falar”

    Chiara Kunnie

    Strategic Partnerships Development and Civic Engagement at WhatsApp

    Joao Paulo Rio Branco

    Strategic Partnerships Lead, Civic Engagement at WhatsApp

    Karina Michel

    Head of Create at Girl Effect London

    Yves Bastos

    Sales Director at Weni

    Juliana Locatelli

    Account Executive at Weni

    The new social dynamics created a lot of change in the social impact organization’s ecosystem, with those changes, there was a shift in the way we communicate with our audiences, embracing new possibilities. Understanding how this can be used in your strategies and advantages became even more important. In our Webinar “How can my social impact organization leverage WhatsApp?”, we will understand and explain how chatbots on WhatsApp can increase results for social impact organizations.

    With that purpose, we’ll think about today’s context for these companies, how a virtual assistant basically works in WhatsApp and some success cases from our partners that can show you the way to have success with those strategies.

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