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img flows studio

Create your flows from scratch and control your intelligent chatbot completely, in the Flows and Studio modules in our no-code platform.

img flows studio

Create dialog and campaigns personalizing the answer formats and actions to create fluid conversations. Manage all interactions with your public!

Visual, intuitive platform

Drag, drop and build seamlessly.

Integrations with Systems

Possibility to integrate with AIs, CRMs, ERPs, Webhook, Human Contact, Databases, API, support to intelligence classifiers.

Human-like conversational flows

Use the features in the platform to create humanized dialog, optimizing user experience.

Multilingual Support

Send and receive messages in over 150 languages.

Campaigns and Engagement Events

Choose contact groups to send personalized messages.

Send multimedia messages

Send texts, images, audios and videos for you clients.

Building flows intuitively

Drag and drop action cards to build your flows intuitively and seamlessly with our visual builder module.

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Campaigns, segmentation and engagement events

Organize your contacts in different groups and create segmented flows with the campaigns feature. Pick and choose who you want to talk to and send engaging messages.

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Contacts and Personalized fields

Offer personalized customer service saving all of your contacts in one place.
Organize them in groups or tags, data analysis, etc.
Personalize your bot’s memory and create unique relationships, choosing the most relevant information and saving it in the best way for your project.

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Our available integrations

Enjoy our pre-existent integrations according to your project’s needs.
Use APIs, webhooks, CRMs, ERPs and tools to customize your communication.

Our integrations

Human Touch

Transfer the dialog to a human agent every time is necessary.

Integrate with the platform you already use in your company (e.g. Rocket.chat, Salesforce agents, Microsoft Teams or Twilio Flex)

CWith all of the features in the Weni Platform, create solutions to diverse segments. Speak with our team of specialists to build a complete humanized solution for your organization.

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