Why using chatbot as a strategy to engage your public?

Cinco jovens diferentes usando smartphones

I bet you’ve already got in touch with the chatbot without even noticing. Chatbots are computer programs that do what is programmed, simulating a human conversation. A good example of chatbot is Apple’s Siri, and customer service like “press 1 for information, press 2 to exit.”

Chatbots are developed from automated communication software. With the advancement of technology, modern chatbots have artificial intelligence, a feature that helps them learn from each conversation, with the goal of interacting more and more effectively with people.

That’s why chatbots are a technology that pleases companies and customers. Stay connected to this post to learn why these apps can help engage even more customers!

What are the advantages of using chatbot?

Chatbot came to revolutionize customer service: before the links with your lead were limited to triggering messages to your phone through push notifications or even SMS. However, these features have limitations. Chatbots have come with new possibilities for communicating with the client, through applications such as Messenger, Skype and WhatsApp, allowing for greater interaction with the client.

The concept may seem simple, but it’s a big evolution in how people use their smartphones since instead of calling customer service or downloading an application, they solve most of the problems via the company’s chat. In addition, the company manages to maintain a tone of almost personal communication with the customer.

With the chatbots, companies can customize the service according to the client: the robot can learn the best time, the best day, and even the best way to talk to that particular customer. Besides that, the robot itself may ask this to the customer. Over time, chatbot can be programmed to learn more and more about that customer, knowing the content he likes best.

However, companies can use chatbot in several customer service sectors: sales, payment queries or frequently asked questions. The advantages of the chatbot for customers are the availability 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the automation of the processes, the multiple service channels, besides being a new automated way to get in touch with the company.

This way, for companies, chatbot can optimize the customer service process. As some questions and doubts are always repeated, the service through chatbot can be faster and more advantageous for the company.

Chatbots are a revolution in the customer service industry, seeking a more personal relationship with the customer and the Leads, maintaining a more personal conversation and the possibility of multiple means of communication between the company and the customers!



Would you like more tips on how to use the chatbots in your company? Be sure to check out our site.

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