Why investing in a chatbot platform?

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Still staring at a futuristic look, next years the use of chatbot will be increasingly adopted as a form of communication by companies in the digital environment.

The proof of this comes from a matter of the consultancy Gartner, which states that 85% of interactions between companies and customers will be led by a chatbot platform by 2020. Because of this, adopting this system as quickly as possible is the guarantee of being one step ahead of the competition.

But what are the benefits provided by the chatbot? Here are some of the advantages offered by this kind of service. Check out:

Uninterrupted contact

Depending on the product or service that your brand sells, chatbots allow users to get all their questions answered at any time of the day.

Even if the client can’t solve 100% of the doubts, the initial customer service will have already been carried out and information may be sent on the morning of the first business day what may contribute to the retention of sales that would otherwise be lost.

Acting on several channels

Although the use of chatbots has become popular in Facebook pages, its use can be applied in several digital channels, such as on the company’s website, in SMS messages and via WhatsApp, from a registered number. 

In order for its functionality to be 100% profitable, it’s important to measure the most favorite channels for staying in touch with the company’s public and customize the chatbot platform according to the search results.

Full-time customer service

In many cases, users arrive at the company’s customer service — whether through social networks or the institutional site — with very similar doubts, whose answers can be automated without affecting the quality of customer service.

Having a chatbot platform to answer these questions provides more time for the support team to take care of the cases that really need a more specific look or the collaboration of several areas to solve the problem. This, consequently, improves the overall quality of customer service.

Increases lead conversion

Getting the right lead at the lowest possible cost is one of the main goals of any company. At the time of choosing a chatbot tool, the chances of getting valuable contacts and engaged users are greater.

Customer service software can be made available on specific pages of your site and suggests records related to the present information. This leads the user to fill out spontaneously and securely a form.

The presented information helps to understand how the use of a chatbot platform optimizes the work of the customer service and commercial team, who can focus their time on activities that are more elaborated, not having to worry about much of the operational work.

Now that you know how a chatbot platform can be useful for your business, read our article on how to choose the best service channels with chatbots. If you want to reach your audience assertively, that’s the chance to figure out how to do it. Let’s do it?

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