WhatsApp and Chatbots for NGOs: strategies to attract and build a good audience



25 de March de 2022
5 min. de leitura


25 de March de 2022
5 min. de leitura
WhatsApp and Chatbots for NGOs: strategies to attract and build a good audience

The use of WhatsApp and a chatbot for NGOs has an important power on the social impact of the assisted communities.

That is because the most popular messenger that exists, allied to the chatbot’s multiplatform communication technology, potentiates how message exchange is conducted.

We’re talking about a messenger used by two billion people monthly, with a robust solution to automate chats while personalizing them through many channels.

Thus, learn the 5 strategies highlighted in this text and find out how to impact the communication with donors and investors, creating a good audience, and significantly helping on your social projects.

Integrate WhatsApp and chatbot for NPOs which transforms communities worldwide and reaches many people with its accessibility and chat optimization. Read until the end and learn more!

1 Have a direct communication

Be able to get in touch with donors more directly through WhatsApp and by simultaneously sending many messages through the chatbot.

Don’t waste time and use this smart technology to reach a bigger number of people, letting them know about some action and helping those with questions about the causes of the organization.

Therefore, raise the interest in the projects with the use of WhatsApp and a chatbot for NPOs, functionally and automatically sharing information.

Deal with the public by effectively sending messages through a virtual assistant that uses Artificial Intelligence and significantly improves the institution’s customer service.

That is also a way of humanizing the answers without losing scalability, being able to answer all users, and notifying donors about the updates of the organization.

2 Raise awareness about your projects

The quick way how publicizing is made can also be considered a golden opportunity for NGO’s marketing.

The virtual assistant sends messages through WhatsApp to your partners and those interested in helping with new partnerships, smartly gaining more supporters, sharing the organization’s idea through the online world.

That is, there is a bigger engagement and the promotion of social inclusion of your causes through the app, decreasing the amount of work of the volunteers and collaborators while automating this promotion.

As mentioned before, WhatsApp is a powerful, functional, and accessible tool to make connections.

Hence, simplify digital marketing, reaching people all over the world with your message.

3 Implement omnichannel communication within your institution

WhatsApp and chatbot for NGO’s is one of the ways to optimize communication by integrating into a chatbot, but omnichannel customer service is capable of also spreading the message through channels like social networks and the organization’s website.

The experience of starting a conversation through the homepage and having a follow-up through WhatsApp means great convenience and raises the possibility of fidelizing this partner.

Thus, having an omnichannel platform is having WhatsApp and a chatbot for NPOs, but adding other channels which are extensively used on the communication strategy for your audience.

This is a solution that personalizes the contact through other means, helping message exchange not only for the institution itself but also for those involved or those who want to get involved with your causes.

4 Answer frequently asked questions

Connectivity with the use of WhatsApp integrated into a chatbot also stimulates interaction with social-environmental businesses. But… how?

Set up the virtual assistant with Artificial Intelligence so that it can work as a FAQ, but with instantaneous answers in chats which can take place at any time of the day, working 24/7.

Therefore, communication quickly moves forward, and the organization always answers frequent questions with the chatbot on WhatsApp, in automated customer service and solves common doubts from people all over the world.

Save your collaborator’s time within the institution and also of those who get in touch, automatically sharing the causes and raising resource capture through good communication, as we’ll see next.

5 Improve the experience on the contact and get more partnerships

The better the contact between the public and your institution is, the bigger are the opportunities for generating new partnerships and keeping those that are already part of your project.

Thus, NPOs need to raise the engagement and this technological solution through WhatsApp establishes humanized and personalized conversations to help in effective communication.

Accordingly, the contact experience gets better, and the user gets more satisfied by receiving messages on an app they use every day, which stimulates donations due to the familiarity and the active relationship with the organization.

That is, besides spreading the causes with automation, frequent message exchange can also generate more partnerships, because it lowers communication barriers and fidelizes volunteers.

How to use a virtual assistant integrated into WhatsApp?

It’s quite simple to integrate a smart chatbot platform to send automatic texts through WhatsApp.

This resource is used on WhatsApp API and integrates into the chatbot platform, which also enables the integration into customer service systems and CRM, and other complete options for your organization.

Hence, it’s possible to use all of a chatbot’s functionalities within WhatsApp, automating customer service, marketing, and processes from other areas that need help inside the institution.

Qualifying conversations and automating them is to explore the best resources of this famous app with the virtual assistant, answering in real-time and sending automatic messages to the audience.

Are you ready to attract a great audience using whatsApp and chatbot for NGO?

Engage the public by implementing WhatsApp and a chatbot for NPOs, the best strategy to potentialize your communication.

Update how nonprofit organizations act, attract new investors and increase your social impact on the world.

Chatbots with Artificial Intelligence make all the difference integrating into the WhatsApp app and enabling an easy message exchange, while they personalize conversation based on effective data.

Find partners with different causes by using the technology and connecting to millions of people worldwide, building your strategies.

Learn more about how this changes communication by getting to know Weni’s platform, a complete solution for WhatsApp and chatbots for NPOs, focused on amplifying the power of your institution.

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