Weni platforms modularization process

In early 2021, we made an extremely important strategic decision for Weni. We decided that the unification of our brands would really happen, bringing a better experience for all users through one product.

In addition to allowing greater autonomy, security and connectivity, the new unified platform, which will soon be available, was designed with a view to further improving the usability and use of our technologies.

April was the moment for the first step of Push and Bothub unification, that is, the modularization of these platforms. If you already is a user, you have noticed the clear layout changes in the environments of these tools. Push and BotHub are already officially considered modules for our future integrated product. Do not worry because, soon, we will enter the final stretch of tests and invite you to use our new product, in another environment and link.

For now, the use of Weni Flows (formerly Push) and Weni Artificial Intelligence (formerly BotHub) modules remains at their original addresses. But you can already have a preview of the unified experience!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to speak to someone on our team.

You’re probably in doubt, aren’t you? Therefore, we have developed a FAQ that will help you to solve them! 🙂

How should I call the company and the products? What changes?

➡ The company is now called Weni and all products will be under this umbrella. For example: Weni Platform. However, in relation to products, this change will be gradual.

We initially implemented the strategy of having separate products, thinking of each individual’s growth process, but, over time, we realized that one product cannot survive without the other and that together they were stronger, more robust and at the same time easier for the clients.

We talked to customers, ran a user experience mapping process, created a prototype, and validated with customers again at each new stage.

➡ We are in an intense phase of work to further evolve the usability of our old platforms, soon to be Weni Platform.

Don’t worry: for now, you will continue to use the platform in the same way as before and stay on top of all updates, with the full support of our team.

➡ For those who use what was previously called BotHub, this tool will become a Weni Platform module. Again, don’t worry! Nothing changes in its current form of use, nor in the contracts already made.

Do the people and teams I keep in touch with remain the same? Will any form of relationship change?

➡ No changes will take place regarding the contacts and support offered. We are also working to make our services even more agile and efficient.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact our teams, through the channels you already use.

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