UX: The importance of User Experience in communicating with customers



19 de June de 2017
4 min. de leitura


19 de June de 2017
4 min. de leitura
UX: The importance of User Experience in communicating with customers

A User Experience (UX) can result from browsing experience on a website, for example. A satisfying user experience will keep you browsing for longer, but an unforgettable experience will generate repeat drive.

In general, UX is the experience we have with a brand when experiencing interaction with it. It has been fundamental in the creation of mobile platforms because the interaction of the user with the machine is much more intuitive, natural and different than what we have been experiencing.

Let’s start this post with some revealing numbers:

Low user retention

A good reference of the importance of UX is the observation of the effects of a frustrating experience, which is evident in the results of a study done by the University of Massachusetts:

  • The patience ends after 2 seconds waiting for a video to start;
  • 40% of users leave the site after 3 seconds;
  • 100 milliseconds more than expected means a drop of 1% in Amazon sales;
  • Google’s profitability and traffic dropped 20% because of a half-second more load on the result pages.

Developing a good experience begins with identifying user needs, including what may be troubling you, in order to avoid your contact with the problem.

User’s protagonism

Naturally, different audiences experience different sensations of the same experience or message, which has always been a problem in mass communication. When you send a message on a TV, for example, it is interpreted differently by the various types of people who receive the information.

Today we can communicate in a much more segmented way, but to take advantage of this, we need to identify the personality, characteristics, preferences, and needs of the user.

By building a satisfactory utilization experience, based on the expectation we raise, we are even favoring customer loyalty, once they feel more comfortable with the experience.

Common Features of a Good User Experience

Although different audiences require different architectures, some features are often common to a good experience. Look:


The “less is more” is an excellent rule for UX, since it is necessary to facilitate keeping the necessary, avoiding excesses and facilitating the search.

Content Priority

The most relevant information for the user needs to be visible and available in a few clicks.


Common standards make the experience easier. If we change everything in relation to what the user is accustomed to, we are making it difficult. Eventually, a change of position or format may make it easier, but if it is not perceived, it may not even be used.

As an example, we can mention people who expect the contacts form to be the last option in the menu of a site. Taking it off tends to hamper the experience and, consequently, decrease the number of contacts.

User Experience Example

Some wineries offer visits to their facilities. Visitors are guided by industry dependencies, know the manufacturing process, the history of the venture from the first molt – possibly brought from Europe on a ship – to investment in the latest equipment.

In the end, you are invited to taste snacks and different types of wine, fraternize and bring some bottles home. Every detail of the visit, the typical clothing of the guide, the architecture of the place, the level of inspiration of the story, in short: the User Experience needs to feel like telling your friends what you lived like wine was good and your desire To return.

This same visit, occurring on a website or in a mobile application, can provide an equally human experience that will generate brand loyalty.

As we can see, the User Experience logic may have a varied application, but in sites and applications is indispensable. In this context, the design in the architecture of the information is fundamental to guarantee the process of elaboration of the experience and to guarantee the good conduction of the message of any business.

Using chatbot

Even creating a site with a good experience, with all organized content and a very beautiful look sometimes the user does not find the information or simply does not want to waste time browsing. For these cases, the idea is to include an interactive chatbot that can meet the user quickly and naturally.

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