Chatbots market: current scenario and forecasts

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Chatbots are technologies, based on artificial intelligence, that are revolutionizing the way customer service is done on digital platforms. Chatbots market is very heated since they are increasingly inserted in people every day, either in service for the realization of an online purchase or in the user support, etc.

In this post, we will explain what’s the chatbots situation in the current market and what their forecasts for the near future. Are you ready? Follow us!

Replacing mobile apps

Until recently, applications had become the most effective way of communication between businesses and their target audience. However, recent research, such as that developed by Forrester Research in 2015, showed that 84% of mobile device users only used 5 apps per month, evidencing that there was a need for more effective communication than that achieved through enterprise apps installation.

Consumers demand

Bots emerge to meet this demand for quality communication and services without the need to install multiple apps – which fill the screen of the mobile phone icons, hampering its performance and usability.

That’s why chatbots are being used more and more to detriment of other communication technologies by companies: they enable the time optimization and customer service quality elevation.

Chatbots trend

Currently, chatbot technology is already used by small startups as well as by large companies in communicating with their customers, and the trend is that this use will expand more and more.

This scope in chatbot use technology is gradually reconfiguring our relationship with technology, at the moment when, for example, it makes it possible to request a pizza delivery or transportation service without having to install any software, just using the message services as Messenger and WhatsApp.

The trend is that this reality deeply alters consumption habits, as companies are increasingly adhering to exchange messages platforms to offer their service via chatbot. Just look at the numbers in relation to these platforms use: Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are used by one and a half billion people worldwide, with sixty billion messages processed daily only on these two platforms.

The machine learning evolution

Chatbots use was made possible thanks to AI technologies and machine learning; which until recently was only a science fiction theme, nowadays is already an everyday reality. These technologies are being developed by large companies.

An example of machine learning technology absurd evolution is IBM’s Watson system, which has been striding forward since its official launch in 2011. The most interesting aspects of this evolution are improved language detection, speech analysis, facial recognition and even more accurate perception of the user’s personality.

This technology has a platform of open APIs that are enabling the constant evolution in chatbots creation capable of making more and more complete customer services: there is much to be expected of bots that will emerge next years.

And you, reader, did you see how promising are the prospects for chatbots market? So don’t waste time and be up on 3 successful cases using chatbots!

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