The importance of agility in customer service

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Everybody has heard the phrase “time is money”, however, that phrase never made as much sense as today for most people. We live an agitated daily life, full of many tasks and obligations to be fulfilled. Because of this, the agility in customer service extremely important.

With agile service, the customer’s perception of a business changes. He comes to realize efficiency and effectiveness in the service, with full use of available resources and the seriousness of your company. As agile service is, more capable is your business become, and this is one of the determining factors in the success of every company.

A great customer service, with accurate and fast information, also demonstrates the professional capacity of the employees of your business. One of the business cards of a company are people who participate in it. When efficiency is apparent, there is no way to deny the business capacity, investment in the employees who are in a constant process of improvement and the best customer service.

Have you ever heard of Consumer 3.0? This client profile has the main features being always pretty well informed, connected in everything with regard to technology, interacts actively with social networks, uses digital media to perform their purchases and solve problems. As a consequence, the demand levels of these consumers are higher and they don’t tolerate delay in their service. It’s extremely important that the company invest in the service quickly and with quality because a satisfied customer represents success and an indication of the business, but an unsatisfied customer can lead to a large-scale downturn. When a customer goes to social networks to complain about the services of a company, it’s a catastrophic harbinger, because of there isn’t a kind of “digital rubber” that erases what has been said. The company should act fastly to reverse the case.

Every company should invest in technology to increase agility in service, because the agiler it is, the greater the daily customer service capacity. For example, if the current customer service capacity is about 4 clients per hour and they decide to invest in ways to streamline service, this number may rise, representing a gain of customers per hour and, consequently, an increase in revenues.

But be very careful when promising what you can’t keep. If you promise your customers that service will be streamlined, then stick to it. Reaching the programmed goal means respect for them. Every organization should have this as a business mission.

Improving service and to promote agility are synonymous that the company is tracking the correct strategies of success in order to increase the customers’ number, as well as revenue growth and working capital.

Every organization should promote and seek agility in its customer servicesotherwise, it will be doomed to operational decline loss of customers, disinterest on the part of its employees and general management failure. All items are directly linked, such as a “domino effect”: if one falls, the others will fall next.

So, be sure to invest in technologies and processes that make your customer service agile, customer-focused.

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