Start using customer service data via chatbots



23 de October de 2017
5 min. de leitura


23 de October de 2017
5 min. de leitura
Start using customer service data via chatbots

The extraction of data from customer service via chatbots is the great bet of the success of companies today. Consumer information, problems, and questions can draw a clear customer’s profile and improve significantly from the quality of service to the brand image in the virtual environment.

Several initiatives of a company are defined based on the data obtained from the services, such as product prices, marketing campaigns, discounts and promotions, business management, the opening of branches, among others. However, information to produce results for the corporation must be correct and reliable.

According to Experian’s survey of data management and quality last year, 72% of respondents feel that data quality boosts consumer confidence. For Serasa Experian’s product manager, Michelle Carneiro, organizations recognize that brand awareness and customer loyalty depend on the experience provided by companies.

Although the extraction of data may seem complex, in practice it already occurs in a simple way in our daily lives. For example, when you buy a product in a virtual store, however simple it is, there are thousands of information browsing, and due to the efficient management of the data, the purchase delivery is done without problems.

All this occurs because the registrations made – with simple information such as name, address and payment forms – are stored in a database. However, this database can become much larger if it contains information from a personalized service.

It’s in this sense that chatbots service data can optimize and refine the customer experience. This tool efficiently stores and manages all the information obtained in the interaction with the users, in order to guarantee the differential of the company.

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are programs programmed to interact with humans through artificial intelligence systems, through the internet.

A chatbot can interact with the user without realizing that it isn’t a real person, with a coherent dialogue for support and access to information. This feature is capable of communicating with thousands of users at the same time and personalizing each conversation according to client’s profile.

This artificial intelligence system can help consumers identify products for their needs. According to the user’s request, it is possible for chatbots to compare characteristics and best prices and to lead the customer through the entire buying process.

The reality of the digital world

The reality of the online world is now typing rather than speaking. With the increasing use of social networking and simultaneous chat applications, the use of the phone has considerably declined.

Whether for practical time and local issues or for clarity of information, people prefer to type to speak, since they are accustomed to the exchange of messages, which makes the use of chatbots preferential for the service.

The use of this technology has offered customers a comfortable way to get in touch with companies, whether for information, shopping or solving problems.

How they work

Chatbots allow the creation of characters and improve themselves with the intensive technology using, ie, the greater the interaction with humans, the more intelligent and humanized the service.

The software is programmed to recognize and interpret written language, with appropriate answers for each case, with logic and consistency.

Chatbot can be developed through a company-specific application or an existing platform, like FacebookSmooch and Telegram. This platform must be efficient and functional, with the availability of maintenance and updating software.

Advantages of deploying a chatbots system in your company

Chatbots have high communication and performance capabilities. They can:

  • serve thousands of people simultaneously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, reducing the flow in the call centers and reducing the employees’ number – thus reducing service-related costs;
  • recognize and respond to thousands phrases types on a wide variety of topics through language and interfaces that customers already master, providing consumer comfort and greater responsiveness to technology;
  • establish contact with the users in a personalized way and according to the client’s profile, being able to answer doubts in a relaxed way, according to the style of the company;
  • realize sales, create smart filters, clarify questions and show relevant information and product indications based on consumer interest;
  • transform extensive opinion polls into a formidable dialogue;
  • reduce service time in the phone and queues;
  • interact with users by various means such as mobile phone, tablet, website, chat rooms, forms programs and custom applications;
  • store information, ask preferences, and recognize the user in a next conversation;
  • extract service data to potentiate marketing campaigns, expansion strategies, and decision making.

Tips for deploying chatbot in the company

The implementation of a chatbot system in the organization is done through a project, which can be simple or complex according to the level of artificial intelligence.

The project should focus on the user, what are their problems and needs and how to offer the solution, providing a better customer service experience.

Investing in the chatbot’s visuals and creating a brand image through characters reinforces customer safety about online contact, as well as a closer approximation. Ideally, the bot can build a normal, user-friendly conversation, as if talking to a human.

Chatbots can have numerous features that can scare the customer. Instead of revealing all the options at once, it’s recommended that they flow normally as the conversation develops.

Currently, there are several companies specialized in the chatbots development, which will help in the implementation of the technology, providing consulting and tracking the data of chatbots’ service, extremely useful for a corporation. This will increase the consumer’s satisfaction levels and the value of the enterprise.

So what do you think of our article about the benefits that chatbots service data can offer? Contact us to find out the best communication system for your company!

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