See the technological trends for 2017



18 de May de 2017
4 min. de leitura


18 de May de 2017
4 min. de leitura
See the technological trends for 2017

Technology has come to people’s and business lives bringing various benefits, whether related to entertainment, cost reduction, task optimization or in various other aspects. The fact is that year after year, new technological trends emerge in an increasingly short period of time, bringing different ways of performing and improving everyday activities.

So we’ve prepared this content to talk a bit more about some of the key technological trends for 2017. Check it out!

1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Today, products are increasingly interacting with their owners, storing their preferences and customizing their tasks. With the improvement of techniques and algorithms focused on machine learning, it is increasingly feasible that, in the near future, computers will have the same human capacity for reasoning, intelligence, and planning, among other skills.

In this way, Artificial Intelligence has been growing and gaining space in the market. But rest assured: there is no evidence that it will completely replace the work of the human being so soon. For the time being, AI is only a tool to support productivity and improve operational tasks.

2. Chatbots

In 2016 Microsoft via Skype and Facebook through Messenger made their bets on Chatbot platforms. After one year this market grew, several cases were developed. In build (google event for developers) this year was released several tools showing that the search giant decided to enter the fray.

3. Internet of Things (IoT)

There is one developer who is finalizing another project and will start working specifically on the monitor now at the end of this week until the beginning of the next. We have a new version of the app next week

For those who do not know, Internet of Things is a technology that connects anything through the internet, from large appliances (such as the refrigerator, the oven and the lighting of the house) to smaller items such as sneakers and watches.

In this way, you can gain more and more intelligence in the routine through devices that connect to each other. These devices help automate daily tasks, as well as provide security and economy of public and private environments, such as homes and offices.

4. Increased Reality

The promise of augmented reality to grow in 2017 is huge, even because it has long since ceased to be just a form of entertainment to assist people in their actual demands.

For example, it is expected that it will soon be possible to use it to illuminate dark environments and highlight possible hazards. In addition, there are many opportunities to explore, such as using it in medicine to help with patient care and even surgery.

5. Big Data

Each day, the volume of data and information that companies are generating is growing. The point is that they are extremely important to business decision making, which prevents them from being discarded (even if periodically).

Thus, a scenario has been formed in which it is humanly impossible to analyze all these data effectively. That’s why Big Data came to support this analysis.

The great truth is that information processing through this technology tends to evolve a lot in 2017, allowing you to find which data is most relevant to the business, and the ability to use it to relate to the consumer more intelligently – for example, Send promotions and campaigns at the right time.

6. Cloud computing

Obviously, we could not leave cloud computing off this list.

The fact is that the cloud is breaking down any barrier to make computing resources cheaper and more flexible, as companies pay only for what they consume – and without having to invest in local infrastructure.

The trend is that more and more national players will appear to further lower this cost, in addition to the expansion of the great services in the market, such as Amazon and Azure.

Now that you’re familiar with the key technological trends for 2017, share that content with your friends through social networks and help them prepare for the future!

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