Omnichannel WhatsApp for NGO: different channels to improve the experience



11 de May de 2022
6 min. de leitura


11 de May de 2022
6 min. de leitura
Omnichannel WhatsApp for NGO: different channels to improve the experience

The omnichannel whatsapp for NGO should no longer be new to anyone as a tool to improve the customer experience. This multichannel strategy makes communication possible, integrating all areas of an institution and making life easier for the user.

However, to get good experiences from this type of communication, it is necessary to go beyond on just putting a chatbot into action. This approach encompasses much more than one or another tool. And in this context, WhatsApp plays an essential role.

But, what exactly is this omnichannel WhatsApp strategy? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article.

What is an omnichannel strategy?

The omnichannel strategy integrates different communication and dissemination channels, offering users a unique experience so that each one can switch between different channels and still have quality in the attendance, services and products they may purchase.

The objective of this strategy is to strengthen online and offline communication, making the customer experience a priority. This means that your potential customer or user wants to know about your product and your brand in both environments, with no difference between these channels.

In addition, this strategy marks a depth of integration between channels, which creates consumer familiarity, keeping you in focus. And that involves understanding the persona you want to target and inserting your brand at the intersections between channels. Being an omnichannel company is about offering an integrated experience.

In other words, an omnichannel strategy is to offer the customer and user the highest level of personalization, based on the online consumption profile to improve the experience.

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Why WhatsApp should be part of an omnichannel strategy?

The communication strategy of omnichannel WhatsApp not only can, but must be integrated to all channels in a single communication system, being able to serve people from different points of contact. With this, it is possible to manage conversations and interactions as well as conduct satisfaction surveys.

WhatsApp is one of the most used tools for communication and therefore it should be part of the omnichannel strategy. The app has more than 2 billion users and is also one of the favorite channels for interacting with companies.

whatsapp user growth

Source: Business Insider, Statista, Facebook

Furthermore, according to surveys conducted by Opinion Box, 93% of the population open WhatsApp every day. 85% of respondents stated satisfaction through mobile commerce.

In other words, there is no denying that the WhatsApp omnichannel strategy is effective for communication and customer experience.

What is the importance of using the omnichannel WhatsApp channel in NGOs?

Investing time and money in an NGO is essential for its expansion and fundraising. The investment in an omnichannel strategy allows for more efficient management and generates better results in fundraising.

Omnichannel service allows for a more dynamic and fluid routine of an NGO by allowing the integration of service channels, reducing waiting times and resolving queries more efficiently.

With an omnichannel strategy, it is possible to have a more assertive relationship with the customer in addition to monitoring the other channels, facilitating the organization’s routine, presenting more assertive reports that help in decision-making and management.

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How to implement omnichannel on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the favorite means of communication for customer service when customized correctly. The tool is powerful and agile to solve problems and promote approximation.

To implement omnichannel communication on WhatsApp, you need to create an account on the WhatsApp Business API, which contains more features.

Through the tool, it is possible for organizations to communicate on a large scale with the API (Application Programming Interface) that allows communication between applications and websites of different companies.

With WhatsApp Business API it is possible to send notifications, have more attendants, create chatbots and perform integrations and automations through the app. It is also possible to integrate with systems such as CRM and marketing platforms.

The ideal to implement a large-scale omnichannel WhatsApp strategy is to have a company that creates intelligent chatbots, which favor greater performance and productivity. This guarantees a closer relationship and dynamization of processes.

To implement the strategy, it is necessary to keep in mind some steps such as:


To implement an omnichannel service on Whatsapp, the first step is planning to make the channel available to customers. Therefore, it is important to set goals, account for the contact base and establish an optimized flow for communication.

Efficiently structuring service

What customers expect when they contact the company through WhatsApp are quick and satisfying response messages that solve their problems. Therefore, it is necessary to instruct the team to perform an agile service.

Have personalized communication

Customers want to be treated with personalized communication, which gives a feeling of closeness. Studying the audience to offer more personalized responses promotes customer retention and loyalty.

Track history and metrics

Keeping the customer’s history in the database is essential to promote faster and quality service and thus obtain greater satisfaction. With metrics, it is possible to identify points of improvement and gain valuable insights for conflict resolution.

Benefits of having an omnichannel WhatsApp strategy

There are numerous benefits of having an omnichannel strategy on WhatsApp, which include:

  • Productivity;
  • Customer satisfaction;
  • Loyalty and retention;
  • Strengthening internal and external communication.

How using different channels can increase the chances of reaching more people

It is clear that using omnichannel service tools can provide greater customer satisfaction, thus increasing the chances of impacting even more people.

Investing in this type of communication is no longer a differential and has become a necessity for better service with greater agility. There is a preference for services in omnichannels such as Whatsapp for allowing a real-time service, solving doubts more quickly and efficiently.

Using these channels can reach more people mainly because it is the preference of 73% of people who, through chats, are able to solve their difficulties more quickly.

In addition, this form of communication makes an NGO closer to donors when there is personalization and agility in a service, as well as increasing the reputation of the brand that has a quick approach.

Channel differentiation brings competitive advantages, such as:

  • Increases the possibility of 24-hour service;
  • Interconnected service;
  • Integration of service sectors;
  • Constantly updated information;
  • Improvement in customer relationships;
  • Brand humanization. 

Therefore, it is possible to say that the omnichannel strategy on WhatsApp is effective for improving service, experience and also the acquisition of new customers.

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