Meet 4 innovative uses of chatbots in Brazil and abroad

Pessoa usando o chatbot do IMIP em um tablet

Chatbots can provide quite innovative possibilities for any company. It’s a way to optimize care and make you smarter, which creates greater public satisfaction. In highly competitive markets such as today, this differential can be decisive.

To excel in this market, you need to implement innovative uses of chatbots. These tools provide new ways to interact with companies and gain insight. So they should bring quality service.

What will determine this is your ability to deliver what your audience needs. The function of an efficient chatbot is to help those who seek service. It should add value to the customer’s contact experience with your brand.

Meet 4 innovative uses of chatbots to get inspired while creating your:

1. IMIP Pernambuco: for a good cause

To facilitate the donation collection process, the Instituto de Medicina Integral Professor Fernando Figueira (IMIP) of Pernambuco adopted a chatbot as a solution. Simple yet efficient, it guides the person concerned through all the necessary steps to carry out the donation.

The chatbot itself is able to give the public the option of payment via bank or credit card and performs all the necessary directives for this. With a quick and easy solution like this, it becomes a highly strategic reinforcement for IMIP to achieve its goals.

2. U-Report: Connected World

U-Report is a social movement focused on positive changes for the various peoples of the world. One of the innovative uses of chatbots, the profile in Facebook Messenger, it sends surveys to its users and disseminates their results to all its base.

The answers to these surveys serve as global testimonies on various aspects of society, making the enrollees have a better-contextualized look at them. All this is made possible by a chatbot.

3. Radar: focus on features

Chatbots have not come to completely replace applications, but they can make people’s day-to-day life easier by implementing smart features. This is the case of the chatbot of Radar, a telecommunications company.

It allows the user to consult the operator of the telephone numbers he needs and helps to consult the signal coverage area of the cell phone location. In this second case, it uses the GPS of the smartphone to determine the location.

4. CNN: fast news delivery

CNN is in the newsroom, so it makes sense to implement one of the innovative uses of chatbots to deliver just that kind of content. By selecting user options, the bot starts sending notifications when there is urgent information within the preferred editor.

In addition, it has easy and efficient navigation where the user can quickly look through the main headlines of the day without having to leave Facebook Messenger.

Rely on these templates to see new possibilities for innovative chatbots for your business. It is the appropriate approach that will determine your success when using this tool. Always keep in mind what your audience’s needs are and seek to provide quality service when planning the features of your chatbot. At the same time, keep an eye on the evolution of this trend to improve it more and more.

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