How to encourage the innovation culture in companies?

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Stimulating the innovation culture in companies is crucial to business longevity as well as its differentiation from the competition. Companies that don’t innovate take a brief path to failure, regardless of their size or segment.

At the current pace, it is estimated that 75% of the companies listed on the S&P500 (some of the most valued stocks in the USA) will be replaced until 2027, according to Exame. And the threat, believe it, comes from the small startups, more innovative than ever.

For all this, it’s crucial to know how to encourage the innovation culture in companies. Keep reading and see some tips that we have specially separated for you. Good reading!

Encourage intrapreneurship

The “think like owner” incentive is already part of some of the most innovative companies in the world, such as Google and 3M company. Thus, professionals feel more autonomy to identify problems, then develop and implement solutions.

In your company, solicit more feedback from professionals, implement communication channels, support experimentation with new ideas, let them spend some time on parallel projects that can benefit the company. These are good tips to get you started.

Eliminate bureaucracy excess

The truth is that the more a company grows, the more bureaucratic it gets. This is a security measure to ensure that processes are assertive, but there is a side effect: the emergence of barriers to creativity and, consequently, to innovation.

Then eliminate the bureaucracy excess, such as micro-management, too much centralization of power and high standards of conduct. Disseminate values, not rules. Tell employees you trust them, and don’t need a heap of rules to control them.

Take the “error” as a learning factor

The vast majority of companies have a culture of error aversion, in which failing professionals are criticized and frowned upon by everyone. This can’t exist in companies that want to innovate, after all, the biggest solutions come in the midst of mistakes and daily problems.

Not by chance, many startups already invest in the “fail fast” idea. Tell the professionals that it’s possible to fail, but a good learning cycle must be taken. An error is only an error when one doesn’t learn from it.

Create enterprise innovation initiatives

Samba Tech is one of the most innovative companies in the country. Each year it hosts an event called Hack Week, an entire week when its professionals are tasked with finding innovative solutions that benefit the business. The initiative, of course, has worked.

It isn’t enough to tell employees that you want to see them innovate, you have to show this in a practical way. Then create innovation initiatives, such as the famous suggestions box (in which employees can put their ideas). Then take the most creative ones out of the paper.

Look, now you’re on the subject. These are some of the most effective tips. It is also important to create an innovation climate, with the specific technologies using. A great example is the chatbots for service and process automation.

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