Key technological trends for marketing in 2018



19 de December de 2017
4 min. de leitura


19 de December de 2017
4 min. de leitura
Key technological trends for marketing in 2018

Several technologies have emerged as trends for digital marketing for years to come and, increasingly, companies are incorporating innovations into their campaigns.

Thinking about this promising scenario in which several fantastic tools are available for companies to advertise, we decided to show the reader what are the main technological trends for the year 2018, focusing on Marketing area. Are you prepared? Check it out!

Artificial intelligence

M&C Saatchi, from London, has created the first ad in the world based on artificial intelligence this year. This is a fantastic prototype that reveals how promising the use of AI technologies in marketing is.

The mechanism, through a Kinect sensor, can detect by reading people’s faces, how they react to the ad. Based on these reactions, the digital panel that projects the image will change the elements of the ad, changing in real time the images size, colors, font types and various other layout elements.

Operating system virtual assistants are also AI technologies that show promise for marketing use in the coming years: they can serve as users’ shopping advisors, suggesting products and services.

AI technologies such as chatbots are already being widely used in communication with the consumer as a tool for SAC and after-sales support of companies, in addition to bringing together in one place delivery services, among many other features.

Besides that, chatbots are also another strong trend for corporate marketing communications as they reach the consumer in the right context and enable personalized treatment.

Regarding the bots, Gartner also found that by the end of this decade, 85% of online communication between company and consumer will be through chatbots. Therefore, its use as an extension of campaigns in social networks has been very effective in attracting new customers and promoting products.

Big data

Integrating Big Data technologies with marketing strategies is also another strong trend. Several companies have invested in analytics methods to handle exponential amounts of data, building on them, campaigns targeting certain consumer profiles.

Hence, data-driven marketing, or data marketing, has firmly established itself as strategies for successful companies in their campaigns, offering them a great competitive edge.

Through analytic methods of Big Data, it has become possible to detect issues to be improved in a company’s marketing by constantly monitoring the campaign’s results (data), which allow changes in strategies to be considered throughout the process, aiming at the best results and eliminating what isn’t working.

Increased Reality

Augmented reality allows integration between virtual and real elements. It is, therefore, an innovative strategy that if it is well used in marketing leads the customer to a concrete sense of experience with the product.

The company Tok & Stok, which operates in the retail furniture business, for example, has an augmented reality app that allows users to see how a mobile would stay in their home. Using the mobile camera, the app scales the product image in the environment image (room) captured by the camera.

This is a strong trend in business marketing, ’cause it enables the online shopping customer to have a more satisfying view of the product, making him more confident that he is doing a good deal.

Video Campaign

Moovly, in a recent poll, found content embedded videos made them 53 times more search engine friendly than only text posts: video content generates more engagement and likes on the company’s social networking page.

Therefore, a strong technological trend for marketing is to use videos transmitted in social networks or in blogs, always with hyperlinks in the descriptions for the companies institutional website.

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