Humanized Chatbot: what is it, how to create and why invest?

Leandro Neves


16 de July de 2021
5 min. de leitura
Leandro Neves


16 de July de 2021
5 min. de leitura
Humanized Chatbot: what is it, how to create and why invest?

Can you imagine yourself having a business technology that escalates communication, is available 24 hours a day to efficiently talk with clients, and is capable of programming answer patterns that are not robotized? A humanized chatbot is the innovation of a chatbot that has the power of customization on Customer Service.

That is, the client’s personality is taken into consideration and the bot itself can shape its communication when dealing with customers, having a persona. 

So, in this article, you’ll see how the humanized chatbot promotes suitable language through smart programming and improves the user’s experience with scalability, without robotizing its interactions.

What is a humanized chatbot?

The conversational robot considers dialogue construction so that the chatbots can be humanized. But are you wondering “how”?

Conversations on Customer Service are more meaningful when they are customized, and that’s what a humanized chatbot does: it makes the chats more friendly through technology.

How to create a humanized chatbot?

This virtual assistant needs to create a communication that cultivates a relationship, simulating a humane contact during the chats.

Thus, the interaction is not robotized with the use of preset answers to solutions built on scripts. In this sense, we highlight some features that allow a more humane language, to the point of making it as natural as possible.

To this extent, the brand fulfills user’s expectations for being relatable and considering there’s a person getting in touch on the other side, and they deserve the best service.

Choosing a powerful tool

The humanized chatbot needs to understand the user’s requests, and a smart platform uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to reach this goal.

NLP is capable of understanding many languages and process human language interpretation due to Artificial Intelligence (AI). That’s what the Weni platform does.

The chatbot simulates human conversation by smartly and assertively determining examples of phrases, synonyms and making translations.

It is a resource that doesn’t demand a team that understands programming to apply the Weni tool in its routine, so the automation is very simple to be created.

Making Customer Service faster

Service with a solution such as a chatbot simplifies and fastens support. But what does that mean? The robot captures data and basic information, answers to frequent questions, serving as a filter to the requests that end up to the human agents to be only the more specific ones.

Thus, the chatbot saves the team’s time and solves a lot of the client’s demands with more accurate answers.

Knowing the bot’s language

Choose a way of communicating through language and voice tone defined for the robot.

That’s the personality your bot will transmit during chats. That represents the characteristics the company needs to show, to be friendly and it makes the bot more humanized.

Therefore, the brand positively impacts the clients by being gentile and creating proximity by the informal tone represented on chats.

Visually representing your bot

Brands can invest in visually representing their chatbot. For example, for the public to really feel connected to the virtual assistant, make it a face.

Thus, the humanized chatbot is customized for Customer Service that reinforces branding. An example of a persona like that is Jaque, the virtual assistant from The Government of the State of Alagoas, in Brazil.

Being transparent with your public

Clients would like to know from the beginning of the chat they’re talking with a machine and not a human being at that moment.

That is, this information must be clear, so they don’t feel fooled. One of the focuses of Customer Service humanization is transparency during interactions.

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Humanized chatbots vs. ordinary chatbots

Humanized chatbots vs. ordinary chatbots. Photo: Pexels

Until now, you have already realized how a smart chatbot that uses resources to humanize Customer Service is essential when compared to an ordinary chatbot.

However, we’ve brought more of its characteristics up to show how the bots with personalities are an exclusive feature of the company’s communication and its relationship with the public.

For example, everybody knows that Siri is the funny Apple virtual assistant. She is not limited to answering questions, Siri makes jokes in some of her interactions, showing her personality.

Therefore, she continues to correctly do her job and still shows nonchalant contact with the public, a great advantage that is only possible with humanized chatbots. See more:

Fast and continuous learning

A smart chatbot is capable of learning from the conversations to apply its new skills to solving customer’s problems.

Thus, a system that offers a mapping of human language and sets Customer Service based on goals while it is capable of extracting more data inside a chatbot platform integrated into ERP and CRM programs, for example, makes assertive answers which get more and more useful for the users.

Client’s loyalty

All of these processes lead to a service that charms for being more humanized, so they also reach the client’s loyalty.

Realizing this solution on communication gains the public in the long-term with the use of Artificial Intelligence and builds a relationship through chatbot’s humanization.

Investing in this technology

The use of AI to make a more humanized chatbot allows global and more assertive communication with your public.

This revolution can be part of your company and take digital Customer Service out of the basics to deliver better responses to your clients.

In conclusion

Then, now that you already know how a humanized chatbot valorizes the business Customer Service, and that it is a trend that’s here to stay, create your own from a complete and customized platform.

Get to know more about the Weni platform and guarantee the best customer experience with a humanized chatbot that escalates the company’s communication and uses the best technological resources to be more friendly and efficient.

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