How to use SMS in favor of your business

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16 de February de 2016
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Compatible with most mobile phones, SMS strategy is still preferred by companies interested in mobile communication with their customers. Increasingly present in Brazilian life, the device is the main contact channel for lead generation and nutrition. Whether it’s optimizing processes or launching new campaigns, sending the message ensures faster speed and opening rate when compared to traditional email. It is estimated that by 2017, 70% of the world’s population will have a mobile device. So let’s explain how to use the SMS solutions in favor of your business.

Define the purpose of your SMS strategy

In general, SMS solutions serve two uses: corporate SMS and SMS marketing. In corporate use, messages are intended to streamline a process between the company and its customer. It is the case of the medical offices that replace the connection by SMS confirming the consultation. Credit receivers also send messages to enable debt negotiations, just as banks do with the transactions carried out by account holders. In this case, the SMS trigger is integrated with an automation flow managed by the company. This functionality creates a line of thinking and action appropriate to commands sent via mobile.

SMS Marketing can also be used in an automation flow, although it has a different objective than corporate SMS. Entrepreneurs and marketing managers seek this solution to offer a channel of agile communication in the dissemination of messages that stimulate the achievement and customer loyalty. Sending discount coupons, clearance notices, birthday reminders, sweepstakes, satisfaction surveys and posting notices are some of the key uses of this type of strategy

Get to know your audience and target it by their preference

Mapping consumer behavior is the key to increasing the sms conversion rate. If you want your audience to take a specific action, understand it first. To do this, test your base until you identify the best time to send, the kind of language that is most enjoyable, and the type of message that matters most. The purpose of this study is to bring together users with common interests and to send the same message to them. By doing this with each segment of your base, the openness and engagement rates will be much higher.

Also pay attention to the reports you’ll be consulting to define your campaign segments and metrics. These documents should be useful for identifying success and improvement points for the shipping strategy. So it’s important to know the delivery status of the message on the device, the return of the campaign, how many leads were converted, how many people wanted to leave your opt-out. The more details you can analyze, the better the performance and the return on investment.

Be aware of message size and content

Grammar, company identification, content and message size are some of the key points to be reviewed before pressing the submit button. The mastery of the Portuguese language is an extra challenge for those who need to write in up to 160 characters for corporate SMS, and 140 for SMS marketing. Slang, regional terms, and informality should be used in a very segmented way. Even more so if we consider that many devices do not identify special characters and accents. Therefore, the message should avoid terms with this feature to eliminate noise in the communication. When this is not possible, it is worth making use of elements without an accent and known abbreviations. Be sure that the audience will understand your message and use the links sent. Worrying about the message is key to generating credibility. In this sense, it is also important to identify the message by entering the sender’s name before or after the content. This care avoids the blocking of messages considered as spam. More secure, the user becomes more available to absorb the SMS message.

Hire an official integrator for shipping

Many companies offer SMS in Brazil. Few of them, however, are concerned with good practices in sending mobile messages. Knowing this, it is worth knowing the resources offered and also the criteria used to manage the contact base, which includes the automatic unsubscription service.

If you have questions about this, understand how IslandPush works to optimize your SMS campaigns.

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