How to reduce costs with customer service using chatbots?

Lais Padilha


19 de April de 2018
4 min. de leitura
Lais Padilha


19 de April de 2018
4 min. de leitura
How to reduce costs with customer service using chatbots?

The new consumer is always well informed and connected, I mean, is more demanding and adept at digital facilities. We also know that time is money and that automating services saves both!

For both sides: company and consumer. In this pursuit of economics, a major business issue is how to reduce costs with customer service while raising quality.

The best option is to invest in an omnichannel digital service, which provides integrated communication and enables a more skilled and efficient relationship with the customer.

Without the need for permanent human assistance, which demands higher labor costs, time in each operation and constant training for employees. 

Platforms and software that develop automatic ways to assist customers through channels they already use daily, like WhatsApp, Websites, Facebook, and Instagram, are the cheapest, fastest and the most efficient way to meet your expectations. 

These systems allow the client an independent resolution of their doubts or issues, something essential in the revolutionary and immediate time in which we live.

We are in the Micro-moments Age, a theory based on studies done by Google, which states that as we do everything at the same time, we take decisions instinctively.

People are no longer willing to spend much time of their day looking for solutions. They want everything in a blink of an eye!

We still waste a lot of time and money in everyday situations that could be solved with a single touch on a smartphone screen.

Because of this, bots have already been adopted as a helper to accelerate and optimize processes in many companies. Let it be clear that it isn’t being said here exchanging humans for machines, but in joining forces. 

Even because there’ll always be that customer who will prefer the traditional service or a situation where AI won’t understand what the user wants. Human labor can and should be directed to other more productive activities, while machines will handle repetitive tasks, as well having a larger capacity to keep important information.

So, how to solve the paradox that is investing in innovation and simultaneously saving?


It wouldn’t be bold to guess that chatbots will be the future of digital customer service, by the fact that it’s the service tool that most resembles a human conversation.

The famous chat with robots is a technology that covers several channels such as websites, applications, and social networks. It acts as a virtual assistant and, emphasizing, eliminates part of the human work, automating several functions.

Right, and how using it can reduce costs for a company? The best way to explain something is giving examples. So, there it goes!

Chatbots in sales

You’ve probably entered a website where a widget came up, similar to a regular chat, asking things like your name, telephone, email, and profession.

This data, if answered, will be stored in a cloud system and will generate leads (people or entities that may become customers). This saves the labor of a seller who would normally have to create extraordinary ways to understand the type of person for whom they are selling, how and when to talk to them. 

Free from these occupations, the seller can turn their attention to other activities, besides improving assertiveness when selling. Resulting in lower costs and higher profits.

Chatbots qualify customer service

Is there anyone who has never been unsatisfied with a product or had doubts about it? A chatbot can take these doubts out in seconds, based on the most frequent answers recorded. Something that relieves traditional customer services systems: through social networks, call centers or in person.

The success proof of this extremely perceptive robot is that it’s already the tool used for the customer service international reputed companies. Pizza Hut, Uber, Sephora, MasterCard, Santander, American Express and Acer are only some examples that confirm the success of this “baby” -just in age!- that has been growing too fast.
Chatbots can help you with a wide range of needs. From the aforementioned service or product support, in pre and post sales; to tickets payment, duplicate document request or in a simple pizza order.

The software was designed to understand users intentions and solve problems automatically. Using AI, the tendency is for it to be increasingly “intelligent” and able to solve more issues, even faster. What creates the perfect combination: economy for the company and customer satisfaction.

This post has helped you understand how to reduce costs with customer service? Comment and keep up with our content! 🙂

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