Do chatbots work for recruitment?



23 de January de 2018
3 min. de leitura


23 de January de 2018
3 min. de leitura
Do chatbots work for recruitment?

Have you ever heard about chatbot for recruitment? Did you know that they can be extremely useful to a company’s HR, supporting employees in the industry and bringing various business benefits?

Whatever your answer, the point to note is that this type of technology is no longer a trend to become a reality. Virtual assistants (as they are also called) can be used in many ways, for the most varied activities of an organization.

Built to perform functions that until very recently only humans, we were able to do, their applicability in the work environment is already considered by many as an obligation.

Either way, in this article you’ll see how chatbots work for recruitment. If you are looking for solutions to automate processes and reduce costs, do not miss out on that. Check it out!

Artificial intelligence functioning

First, it’s necessary to understand how Artificial Intelligence (AI) works. In a clear and objective way, it can be divided into three parts:

  • database: an information set that will support the forecasts and findings of the system;
  • algorithms: “agents” that will take into account the data stored in the system so that, using them as support, they can opt for the best decisions;
  • interface: the part in which the interaction occurs, which technology captures the requests and acts according to the default settings.

Virtual assistants’ performance in selective processes

Now that you already know what the AI consists of, let’s go to virtual assistants in the selection process. One way to get them involved in recruiting and selecting candidates is by having them work in an advisory capacity.

In other words, make predictions and prerequisites for the system to analyze them and can provide advice and suggestions for the participants choice. That simple.

To illustrate it, take as an example LinkedIn, the corporate social network used by many of the largest companies in the world. In this case, chatbot can be used to read and identify the respondents’ experiences and qualities, ie their professional resume.

Another way is to use recruiting chatbots to ask and answer questions, replacing human work and streamlining processes. The most interesting thing here is that the dialogue will occur in a personalized way to the candidate, attending to the demand of this possible new collaborator according to his own peculiarities.

Advantages of using chatbots for recruitment

Before we conclude, we couldn’t fail to present the benefits of using chatbot for recruitment, which include:

  • cost reduction: chatbots eliminate the need for many humans and manual work, automating procedures;
  • scalability: due to automation, the selection processes may be available on the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • customization: chatbots can be customized according to your company profile and the characteristics of the “target candidates”.

Finally, understand that chatbots not only can, but should be used, especially if you want to automate the work, and consequently make your business more effective.

What did you think about this article on chatbots for recruiting? Leave your comment here for us!

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