New chatbot course project through WhatsApp had almost 70 thousand users in one month

Polly Annenberg


12 de March de 2021
5 min. de leitura
Polly Annenberg


12 de March de 2021
5 min. de leitura
New chatbot course project through WhatsApp had almost 70 thousand users in one month

Sebrae-SP had a grand mission: develop an education project via WhatsApp to reach even more individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs) with knowledge. One year after the first contact with Weni, the organization already offers 25 courses. Consequently, with the intelligent chatbot, Sebrae-SP was able to train thousands of MEIs for free.


  • 25 courses divided into 04 knowledge areas
  • 222,170 active contacts in 7 months
  • More than 75 thousand enrollments in courses
  • 25 thousand trained microentrepreneurs

Sebrae-SP business x-ray

About Sebrae-SP
Sebrae-SP is an organization that prepares micro and small entrepreneurs to obtain the necessary conditions to grow and keep pace with a competitive economy throughout the state of São Paulo.

São Paulo, SP, Brazil.

Business Type
B2B (non-economic civil entity)

Number of employees
1003 employees + 153 interns

How many people does the business serve
2,761,773 only in 2020

Contracted Weni Solutions

  • Chatbots creation platform;
  • Livechat integration for hybrid communication (chatbot and human agents);
  • Evolution consultancy.

The Challenge

The first contact between Sebrae-SP and Weni took place in January 2020. Luana Carvalho, responsible for Solutions and Digital Transformation in the organization, was looking for a technology to create a solution which the public could follow the courses offered by the institution through cell phone independently.

One of the main activity fields of Sebrae in São Paulo are the training programs aimed at microentrepreneurs. A large portion of this audience already considered WhatsApp to be an accessible technology.

In 2020, the demand for distance learning courses and consultancy only increased. Only in online calls made by the organization, the growth was 156% in relation to the previous year. This result is a reflection of the quarantine caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, which emerged in Brazil on March of the same year.

Given this scenario, Sebrae-SP’s online courses, materials and digital content have become the main learning tools made available to small entrepreneurs.

Training through WhatsApp would be an totally new and necessary action. Luana was looking for an intelligent technology capable of sharing content and interacting with the public. The sending of materials and research, as well as questions to develop learning, were also one of the main concerns from who wrote the project sketches.

The solution: How Weni helped Sebrae-SP

Luana recognize the need of launch the solution with Weni as soon as possible. For this, she had the guidance of Hanns Halgenthaler, a business developer whose experience in automated services for organizations such as Sebrae helped in the hiring plan.

Hanns understood very well the moment and the project sensitivity. He suggested, in addition to the Weni Platform for the chatbot construction, a hybrid assistance. In it, the chatbot directs the user to a human agent, who continues the conversation on the Weni service platform. “The thousands of students would certainly have a lot of doubts. Sebrae-SP consultants would help in a much more assertive way using the data collected by the chatbot ”, he commented.

The Sebrae-SP project in practice

The content is given in microlearning, a strategy of learning pills in smaller media and texts, was developed in partnership with the DOT digital group. With Weni’s tools, the Sebrae-SP partner operationalized the course flows to actually put the project on the air.

It works like this: the student interacts with the chatbot on WhatsApp and the content is presented through texts, videos and audios. The bot also sends spreadsheets that can be applied in the business and asks questions to fix the learning. If the student has questions about any topic, he can also contact an agent through WhatsApp.

Constant evolution towards an intuitive experience

In addition to the Weni Plataform, Sebrae-SP hired an evolution consultancy to develop some specific improvements in the project.

For Gabriela Sayuri, leader of the responsible team, the assistance in these developments contributed directly to the scalability of the project.

“We are a team of chatbots experts, artificial intelligence applied to communication and data analysis. Our role is to leverage the performance of chatbots developed with Weni solutions and improve the user experience ”, reinforces Gabriela.

Chatbot results

Sebrae-SP project became a reference and use case for others Sebrae headquarters in Brazil. The national unit itself recognized this course model as a strategy that can be expanded and nationalized.

All courses already have obtained 222,170 active contacts in the first seven months. In December 2020 alone, 67,424 active contacts were made.

Major social impacts

In the middle of the pandemic’s quarantine, more than 25 thousand entrepreneurs were trained without having to go to Sebrae. More learning and more chances to compete with excellence in the market.

More than 25 courses are now available on the palm of your hand in one of the most popular applications in Brazil and for those who need it most.

With questions and submissions of multimedia content, the student has more independence of learning.

With the option of calling a human agent from Sebrae-SP, the student also has his doubts resolved with assertiveness.

Discover the solution used by Sebrae-SP

The virtual assistant on WhatsApp has helped Sebrae-SP to make effective results possible for they audience. More than 25 thousand entrepreneurs were trained in the first seven months.

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