Chatbots on social networks: understand what you can do with them

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Do you want to improve customer service? Do you need to find solutions to automate the processes and consequently reduce the costs of your company? Then know that you are in the right place! In this article, we will talk about the chatbots using in social networks.

First of all, it is necessary to make clear what the chatbots. In a clear and objective way, this technology refers to software that is responsible for communicating with consumers.

In other words, they are virtual assistants, which in turn can be used in blogs, e-commerce, WhatsApp and social networks, for example.

Here you will understand what can be done with chatbots on social networks. If you wanna know stay ahead of the competition and innovate in your business, continue reading this post!

Providing immediate customer support

One of the pillars of a good customer service is, without a doubt, the response time of a request. In this case, chatbots will be a very valuable tool, since their use will focus on an automatic and immediate response.

To do this, simply set them up to serve customers in a possible contact. Taking Facebook as an example, this feature should be inserted into the messenger.

It’s true that in certain situations the chatbots won’t be able to solve the clients’ doubts, however, the simple fact of presenting an instantaneous answer will show that your company is concerned with the consumer needs.

Automating the sales processes

Did you know that it’s possible to automate sales processes through chatbots on social networks? Well, that’s another advantage behind that solution! Through chatbots, you can inform buyers about order status, for example.

When you approve the clients’ payment, why not warn them through social networks? The same can be done with other procedures, such as preparation for merchandise shipping and locations.

Sending offers and news

Similar to the previous item is the sending of offers and news. Scheduling a chatbot to alert customers about the special conditions of your business is a great way to increase your brand engagement.

Conducting research

Finally, there is the conducting research. The chatbots using in social networks should be used to ask for feedback from buyers on what corresponds to the products or services.

In fact, this strategy can also act as a “thermometer” for new ideas, that is, to see if a new concept will be well accepted by the market.

Finally, understand that this communication technology has everything to become a mandatory tool in relation to customer service. There is no doubt about it!

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