Chatbots for collecting debts: how do they work?

Lais Padilha


18 de June de 2019
6 min. de leitura
Lais Padilha


18 de June de 2019
6 min. de leitura
Chatbots for collecting debts: how do they work?

Working for collecting debts is far from easy, but using innovative tools like chatbots can be a great way to deal with this sensitive subject. And let’s face it: technology today needs to be in every stage of interaction between companies and customers, but without losing personalization.

A chatbot is able to transform the attendance of your company, leaving it automatic and intelligent. In this post, you will understand how collecting debts chatbots work and why this feature can make the financial sector of companies more effective.

What are chatbots?

A chatbot is a software that simulates human voice or conversations through text messages on various platforms. WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, applications and organizations/business websites are just a few of them.

They work in two ways: based on rules of structured dialogue and through artificial intelligence.

In the first case, chatbots serve specific commands and respond according to already established and mapped alternatives. In the second, they have a trained database that makes the intentions of the users understood and met.

Chatbots for collecting debts

Collecting debts and answering customer’s frequently asked questions are activities that often require a lot of effort from trained attendants, time and, consequently, generate high operating costs.

When it comes to resolving financial disputes, the consumer is required to interact with various sectors of the company for a proper consultation and possible negotiations, resulting in an exhausting experience for both sides.

The use of a chatbot provides versatility and convenience in service – which becomes full-time, that is, available in unlimited hours – efficiency in data analysis, greater use of employees’ skills and time, and a more coherent and regular manner. In addition to making the consumer less uncomfortable.

Going to the chatbots for collecting debts will leave your customers more satisfied! Both by the fact that they will be answered faster, and by the customization of the service.

This is because reducing the volume of consultancies necessarily carried out by human servants also decreases the wait to heal simpler issues and qualifies the more complex services, those that require “special” attention.

Why use them?

The collecting debts chatbots are able to collect the information provided by the defaulter and understand the reasons that led to nonpayment. This allows for opportunities for conciliation.

Because delinquent clients tend not to want to talk about their debts to others and to not respond to messages or answer collecting calls. Being aware that it is a robot will make you feel less pressured.

Chatbots also enable the company’s constant presence by automatically triggering cadence of payment reminders and collecting debts notices. This can be done through SMS, WhatsApp and voice messages, emails, and notifications in a specific application.

What are chatbots for collecting debts?

There are several applications of a chatbot and using this tool is not difficult nor requires much coding. It´s a simple and intuitive interface of conversation that can be adopted by any commercial area.

Below are the main ways to use them specifically in the billing industry.

Automatically triggering text and voice messages

Contacting defaulting clients can be very easy and quick with chatbots. Simply schedule the simultaneous sending of hundreds of messages automatically. A chatbot can be integrated with other systems that will simplify any process of your Financial.

In this case, you can integrate with your Business Management System and, keeping it updated – it is very important to constantly update customer data for tool efficiency and avoid headaches – chatbot will identify the payment due dates of customers and send them reminders by WhatsApp, email, SMS and/or voicemail – as you prefer -.

These messages will be customized according to the registration in your management system, including calling the customer by name. Reminders will help the forgotten to catch up with your company.

– “Ah, but who did not forget?”

The chatbot will detect who is in default and send billing notices in cadence. You can choose how often this will be done!

– “And when the customer pays? What happens?”

Having verified the payment in the system of your company, thank you messages can be sent to show the customer that he receives a special service, contributing to his loyalty.

Automatic customer service

In the age of digital transformation, automating customer service is not something extra, it’s a necessity! Especially in the case of the service of the collections sector, which deals directly with the debtors and implies even more in their revenue.

Therefore, providing information on ticket information, expiration dates, late payments, installment forms, and negotiations 24 hours a day and any day in the week is essential!

With chatbots for collecting debts, there is also the possibility to request invoices and second tickets. It’s all about integrations with other systems whose options are innumerable.

By clearing up doubts with a self-service service, customers are more likely to be loyal and create good payment habits with your business.


Susana is a chatbot for debts collections developed through the Weni Chatbots system, which is able to automate all the service of receivables, due reminders and billing notices, and the SAC of the financial sector of the companies.

The wizard uses Artificial Intelligence from Weni Platform – the natural language processing system developed by Weni – to recognize user intentions. And through fluid conversation, similar to a dialogue between humans, she questions and executes recurring demands.

Susana is integrated with the largest ERPs and banks in the country. Thus, among other functions, it is able to:

  • Give the client’s financial position;
  • Generate and register tickets at the bank;
  • Issue 2nd ticket;
  • Send extracts;
  • Send due reminders and billing notices;
  • Log directly into the ERP and notify the customer when it identifies the payment.

In addition, the wizard marks the misunderstood messages, which will be immediately sent to a chat accessible to employees. The collaborator who takes over the chat will see everything that has been said up to that moment, providing data and information to speed up the services to be provided.

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