Chatbots for banks: understand how they can help

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Although in the expansion phase, chatbots use is already an alternative that offers several advantages for companies in their moments of online interaction with users. Among the segments that have already realized the potential that chatbots can offer to their business, banks are one of the leaders, using the service to optimize customer service and create a more personalized experience for their customers.

This is because the technology has the ability to automate manual operations, provides 24-hour customer service and provides a frictionless experience since the contact is made by the consumer at a time most convenient for him.

For you to understand better on the subject, here we will show how chatbots for banks can help a financial institution. Follow us!

Financial institutions that already use this technology

MasterCard, American Express, Santander, DBS Singapore, Bank of America (BofA) are some of the companies that use the technology of chatbots to improve their services. MasterCard, for example, has a bot on its Facebook page that allows users to analyze account balances, such as history and spending habits, and make payments.

Bank of America launched last year Erica, a voice chat and text that has more advanced functions: in addition to sending notifications to customers, such as balances and statements, the bot identifies areas where the user can save and also helps in payment of accounts made in the organization’s application.

It’s a technology that is already integrated with the market and has been giving very positive results to those who make use of it.

And how can banks make use of chatbots? We present you some suggestions, based on what’s already done in banking institutions. Check out the next topic!

Examples of using chatbots for banks

Customer service in social networks

Until now, this is the most common chatbot application found in bank profiles, almost ubiquitous on the Facebook institutions pages.

The chatbot is fed with answers created based on the doubts and requests most made by users. When searching the company page and enter any questions that have already been registered in the system, the user gets the answer almost immediately, regardless of the day or time the query is being made.

Accessing account information

Some banks (in Brazil, for example, the Original) have more sophisticated chatbots, which are integrated with the institution’s security system and provide information directly from the client’s account, such as balance, statement, upcoming releases, etc. such as payments and transfers.

The offer of services and products

By using users’ inquiries and requests as a starting point, bots can gather important information to offer, at the right time, products or services that can meet customer needs, using a much more user-friendly form and language than in other forms of contacts, such as calls.

Production of strategic data

Based on the data collected by chatbots, banks can have much more detailed information about the users’ profile who use their services and, with the records, develop and present products and services that are more likely to be acquired by their target audience.

In addition to chatbots for banks, the technology can be applied to make life easier for companies of the most different segments. Do you wanna know how? Check out three successful examples of their use in applications.

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