Chatbots for banks: how can this tool be used?

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The financial industry is streamlining to offer chatbots to banks to their consumers. With this in mind, the huge volume of complaints from call center services promises to decrease with service through the bots.

In fact, it is believed that the first call center contact will be replaced soon, as chatbots can solve up to 90% of customer problems. Want to know more about it? Continue with us and see how banks can use this technology to your advantage!

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are intelligent technologies that can interact with people through highly complex software. Generally, they reduce the waiting time in the service, being effective and informative, as well as being able to recognize voice commands and even predict failures.

The current scenario is promising for virtual assistants. In fact, Apple, Google, and Facebook are not the only companies to invest in them. There are several solutions that streamline your calls without human interaction, like the iFood application, for example. In the future, everything is expected to be interconnected, with all information being managed by a single bot.

Undoubtedly, chatbots come to stay and promise to perform from ordinary day to day tasks to more complex problems. In addition, the greater the use, the greater the improvement of technologies. Given this situation, banking services are in the battle against time to include in their services chatbots with the possibility of offering various services, access to the consumer account, checking balance, financial movements, among others.

4 services provided by chatbots for banks

1. Management of consumption

Through the chatbots, it is possible to unblock and activate cards, as well as checking balance and account statement in real time. It is worth mentioning that it is possible to know details of purchases, the category of the establishment, whether the purchase was in credit or debit, among others. Thus, it is much easier to question a purchase and open a procedure for theft or card theft analysis.

2. Charges

Before, some procedures could only be done with the bank manager, or by attending a call center. With chatbots for banks, you will be able to easily check on past-due contracts and renegotiate debts with access to various installment options and a better payment date. In addition, information on interest rates and the total cost to the consumer will be explained in detail.

3. Money Transfer

Transfers can also be made between accounts from the same bank or another financial institution. With the data in hand, it is possible for the client to perform any transfer no matter where you are, without having to go to a bank and face long queues. The transfer limits can be adapted according to the customer account movement.

4. The hiring of various banking services

The contracting of services can be carried out with all the information made available to the consumer in a clear and precise way through chatbot, allowing him to ask questions and choose the best type of service for his case, such as insurance policies of residence or life, for example. The purchase of consortia and the management of quotas can also be carried out without any human interaction.

And then? How do you like the services offered by chatbots for banks? To read more content like this, continue accessing our blog!

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