Chatbots and fashion world: a possible combination?

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Thinking about fashion hardly is going to make you think about technology, but is it really that, in nowadays, can technology be separated from any area? What if I tell you there is a “new fad” in the IT business that can help you – a lot! – following trends in the fashion world as well as being best attended? Or, in the case of businessmen, to better serve? The fact is that the keyword now is: “ease”! And that’s why chatbots were born.

Chatbot, a tool that is already used by over a billion people, roughly speaking, is a kind of chat with a robot. Built to make life easier for businesses and customers, the platform simulates a conversation between people in an attempt to solve recurring problems.

“OK! And how can it help me with fashion? “

In many ways, I would say. Online shopping, for example, is getting more and more popular and it is not always easy to choose a product from a distance. The shoe may not be so comfortable, that tank top that looked beautiful in the photo may have a cut that does not fit your body and talk to someone in charge of the store, getting a quick response is not so easy. IS IT?!

Imagine if you had the answer at the same time and were referred to the solution? Or who never had a particular piece in mind, but had to spend all day at the mall to find something that was at least similar to what you’re was looking for? What if a few clicks directed you to the store that would have just what you wanted?

Have you considered a professional help, coming from anywhere in the world, that would solve your doubts and also help you to find a look for the day, in an automatic and real-time conversation? If you are an entrepreneur, how often did you have to deal with complaints and how much time do you spend to ensure excellent service?

Big companies of the beauty business have surrendered to the charms of “bots” (robots). These automated chat systems have made a big entrance in all industries with customer-facing services and it could not be different with the fashion industry! This is the case with Sephora, the largest company of beauty products in the world! Makeups, body and hair treatments, perfumery, accessories…are some of the products that make it own some of the most desired brands on the globe.

The company founded in France, and that arrived in Brazil in 2010, have adopted the use of chatbots in 2016 and the decision has been a great success. Through Kik, a messaging application for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, the luxury conglomerate’s chatbot gives makeup tips and tutorials, as well as helps the customer to find the ideal product.

Digital transformations are making a revolution in the ways of managing information, customer service and in the consumer and companies relations. Optimizing and automating, for sure, are the biggest “trend”!

Did you like to know how chatbots can be useful in the fashion world? Find out how they can help your business!

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