Chatbot: Check out the customer service innovations



22 de May de 2017
3 min. de leitura


22 de May de 2017
3 min. de leitura
Chatbot: Check out the customer service innovations

As many fiction films have predicted for years, the day is coming when robots will begin to interact with people through intelligent conversation. Several companies from a wide range of segments are adhering to the use of bots in their customer service sector to optimize productivity and prevent employees from engaging in mechanical tasks.

After all, do you know what a chatbot is and how this technology has brought innovations in customer service? Then continue reading to check it out!

What is a chatbot?

As the term itself – which links the words chat and bot (robot) – already says, chatbot is a service robot that has the ability to interact with users through conversation.

Their job is to talk to customers by bringing them immediate solutions to their problems.

A practical example of chatbot service is when we call a telephone or internet service company, for example, and we are served by a robot.

By means of the registration number, the system sends all our cadastral data. If the chatbot identifies that the region is unsigned, it will automatically inform us of a return forecast.

Although it is a simple interaction, think of a number of people who call such a company just to get such information.

In fact, there is no need to overload lines and overload employees for just that reason.

How can a chatbot optimize service?

Facebook Messenger

Many companies have optimized their customer service through the use of chatbots on the two most commonly used chat platforms: Facebook Messenger. In fact, the service is automatic and very efficient.


Chatbots have revolutionized telephone service, which is considered one of the most bureaucratic services in the industry.

Instead of the customer calling the SAC or 0800 of a company and staying for long minutes waiting to be served, a chatbot will immediately respond with a response and, if possible, a solution.

The customer will only be transferred to an employee if his problem is not resolved.

Text message exchange

Unsurprisingly, text messaging apps have fallen into popular tastes, have not they?

Even companies are adopting these tools to communicate with their customers. After all, telephone service is starting to become obsolete.

A chatbot can interact through a text message without the need for a dynamic conversation if the user does not have the answer at the same time.

On the other hand, text messages will never get busy or fall, as is often the case with phone calls.


Keeping customer service available full time is not cheap at all. The companies that outsource the SAC with call centers that say it.

The amount of staff and resources needed to provide 24-hour care can reach exorbitant amounts.

This can be replaced by a chatbot, which will serve customers promptly at any time of the day.

Is chatbot becoming a trend?

Ordering a ride in a versatile way

Did you know that it is possible to ask for a ride on Uber even though you do not have the app installed on your smartphone?

The integration between Facebook and Uber allows the user to ask for a ride just by giving a command in Messenger.

Upon receiving the command, Uber’s chatbot sends a driver to the address you entered.

In this article you can see that technology has brought innovations to service, increasing productivity and reducing business costs.

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