Automation for NGOs: How you can start in your organization



19 de April de 2022
5 min. de leitura


19 de April de 2022
5 min. de leitura
Automation for NGOs: How you can start in your organization

Using resources with automation for NGOs and optimizing processes has been fundamental for organizations to become sustainable in the long term and overcome challenges.

Therefore, technology helps the fast development of institutions worldwide, simplifying the way social businesses help on daily issues.

See which automation can be useful to organize, manage and get in touch with volunteers, donors, and people who are interested in the causes of your nonprofit organization.

Engage, automate and control marketing metrics, relationships, and customer service through automation for NPOs. Learn more about this topic right now to benefit from all the advantages with easy to be implemented workflows.

How and which automation can be implemented on NGOs and NPOs?

All tools below help with the automation on NGOs for the teams to focus on more specialized and strategic tasks with data saved by software.

Thus, each use has its importance not only in the communication with volunteers and donors but also in the chances of capturing new partners for the organization.

With automation for NGOs, you simply make all these components easier, finishing common tasks, sharing campaigns, and raising more donations.

Digitalizing processes is essential nowadays, it helps in data comprehension within the institution and the capture of donors and volunteers around the world.

Make the organization grow with better engagement.

Marketing automation platform

Maximize the efficiency of digital publicizing of campaigns.

These platforms expand the reach of your organization’s message, sharing the problems existing in the community with a bigger number of people interested in helping.

Therefore, an automation tool for the marketing section of the NPO improves the communication with the audience, by personalizing emails while it segments the audience according to the lead funnel.

In this case, technology acts by building these campaigns as a machine to acquire new donors and by also nourishing the previous collaborators of the cause with important messages.

Hence, this automation accelerates the categorization of groups and optimizes the spreading of content to create relationships.


Keep the database safe with all the contact information.

CRM is a tool that keeps this record and offers better management of the relationship with each donor.

Thus, following the leads gets easier in this Customer Relationship Management system. Or, in the case of nonprofit organizations, the management of partners and volunteers.

Manage interactions and simplify the workflow with this database, organizing routines and monitoring every communication.

The CRM platform Hubspot gathers panels and integration which are very interesting, collaboratively working, like automation for NGOs should be.

Besides that, this tool ensures more personalized means of communicating with people, integrating into the chatbot.


The use of chatbots for NGOs also makes positive social impacts on projects, because the technology of this software enables optimizing communication.

Chatbots are virtual assistants that automate message exchange. 

Integrating into a tool like Hubspot, for example, it has the power to build smarter customer service with information from each lead’s database.

Hence, it offers support and humanizes communication, besides keeping an active relationship with the contacts’ database by sending personalized messages and being an ally for all interactions.

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Cautions when implementing the automation for NGOs:

Some cautions are valid in the moment of choosing which automation to implement to better organize and manage the institution.

Pay attention to the solution offered by each one and decide on the technologies which your organization requires, the ones that allow smart integration and create benefits from automation.

Thus, you have to analyze which are the most important steps to begin the automation for NPOs.

Understand the following questions and save resources by investing in the best technologies.

With this, save the efforts of your NPO’s team and select practical tools when it’s time to implement.

Assessing the needs 

Third sector institutions have collaborators who should focus on more valid tasks to be done, leaving automation to take care of what is a daily process.

Assess if your institution needs a program with data storage and an email manager for automatic sharing of campaigns and other functionalities that make activities on the NPO more practical.

Programs that help save time, improve communication, and raise the positive impact are the ones that will probably produce the best results.

Therefore, creating consistent reports and following how the NPO is evolving with each automation is essential.

Understanding the functionalities of the solution

After the assessment of the necessities, choose the functionalities that come with the most important solution in each process of the organization.

Make a detailed mapping of the major difficulties that your social business has and compare it with what useful novelties the tool offers, continually helping by implementing automation for NPOs.

That is, also assess in terms of productivity, improvements in decision-making, and everything the software brings up with the automation.

This will help you to manage the NPO and its processes, creating more social impacts.

These are tips for the implementation of what works for your organization: automating and making it gain new proportions, helping more people with projects boosted due to all the benefits of the tools.

Balancing the budget

Now, put on the scale: what are the biggest costs you already have for not owning automation for NPOs?

Is your team bigger because it needs collaborators making repetitive activities

Do customer service and marketing need to send messages one by one to reach the goals and aims of your institution?

Hence, we hope it’s clear how to start the implementation of automation for NGOs. Would you like to learn more about the impact of technology on social projects? Read this text and engage with a bigger public, helping your whole community.

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