6 main applications of Artificial Intelligence for companies



14 de May de 2022
5 min. de leitura


14 de May de 2022
5 min. de leitura
6 main applications of Artificial Intelligence for companies

The applications of artificial intelligence in the business routine are capable of transforming the way a company operates and grows. Unlike conventional systems – which are already becoming outdated – AI is capable of learning. 

Therefore, see how to exploit them to their full potential and in an efficient way, optimizing the work of several teams located in the company’s strategic areas.

Boosting results, reducing costs and operational steps, and scaling services are just some of the advantages and consequences of adopting this technology. In this article, understand how and where AI can be applied in business.

See 6 examples of applications of artificial intelligence for companies

Learn how to boost company efficiency with devices that simulate human capacity, increasing productivity with the main applications of artificial intelligence while saving time and resources, 

This is a trend that can be implemented as a great differential to improve business performance. Learn how to use it in the tasks of various professionals to achieve better management and team results.

1. Customer service

Customer service is very popular and needs intelligent management to correctly administer the customer service. Moreover, this is one of the most important ends of the business. 

In view of this, customer service chatbots – also known as virtual assistants – use artificial intelligence to automate the customer service.

Thus, they talk to users in a natural way simulating a human chat and improving the customer experience. With a pre-programmed language, it answers frequently asked questions and recognizes contacts with integration to software such as CRMs and ERPs.

In other words, it positively impacts the company and the consumer. 

2. Business Intelligence

Another application of artificial intelligence in enterprises is with Business Intelligence? Align this data analysis strategy by understanding how artificial intelligence works in BI. It structures the analyzed scenarios in a way that elevates the analytical capability of the business.

With machine learning based on AI, it allows data to be analyzed through software applications, making the resulting information accurate and also improving the consumer experience, who receives recommendations according to their profile, for example.

3. Financial

As you can see, the types of applications of artificial intelligence serve many areas. Therefore, the insertion of AI in the financial department is already a reality as well.

Imagine a business scenario with a system for financial service such as chatbot to serve the customer, optimizing the service and adopting the technology to perform company collections?

The Weni Platform is the ideal solution to optimize the attendance of your financial team, saving time and money! Among the various tasks that a bot can help you do, we highlight: 

  • automate collections;
  • sending notices of due dates;
  • sending duplicate slips.

4. Predictive Analysis

The ability to intelligently predict actions is key to business growth. For example, predict which product your consumer is most interested in, or what service they need.

All this just by cross-referencing data to arrive at patterns in any situation that the company needs information. It can be applied flexibly in various analysis systems.

In addition, management can use a chatbot with artificial intelligence to automate satisfaction surveys. Thus, it collects information about the pains of your audience and points that your company should improve.

5. Marketing

Just as we recommend the use of chatbot for sectors such as customer service and the company’s finance, know that virtual assistants with AI technology for marketing are able to capture, qualify and convert opportunities.

One of the functionalities is to trigger content and satisfaction surveys in several contact channels for your consumer. In addition to automatically sending messages through channels that the customer allows, content and other outreach materials.

 Besides, of course, directing the data of a lead when he shows interest in learning more about the company. 

6. Human Resources

Artificial intelligence in HR is another trend and enhances solutions for collecting data more assertively for recruiters with algorithms and analysis for selections.

Optimizing HR can also be done by looking at the organization’s processes, offering insights about staff in practical applications such as predicting behavior, monitoring compensation automatically, and mapping employees’ strengths and weaknesses.

Get to know Weni’s artificial intelligence solutions

In this post, we show the types of applications of artificial intelligence and include chatbot in several functionalities.

In other words, it is possible to automate all sectors of an organization. Like chatting with visitors to the company’s website through the chat window, answering recurring questions, and solving financial doubts automatically.

The Weni Platform creates a chatbot for the functionality you want, being also very useful for the marketing area when it is necessary to have essential data to offer products according to the consumer’s profile and their buying journey through social networks, for example.

Therefore, a virtual assistant speeds up bureaucratic processes and only triggers human agents in a multichannel environment for more specific information, transforming the way the company solves its problems.

In this way, it is easy to organize all services with strategic actions, and it is ideal to count on the exclusive AI technology in your company through the Weni Platform!

It supports complex projects and processes while meeting the needs of several sectors in a single communication platform. It also promotes scalability in the attendance, making integrations with marketing systems, ERPs and CRMs.


Accelerating the development of your company through the types of applications of artificial intelligence is much easier with a platform that makes intelligent integrations in the areas that need this support on a daily basis.

Weni is your partner in this future that includes AI already in the current scenario optimizing the use of technology in a practical way and implementing it in your business reality.

Count on our platform to use artificial intelligence in your favor with a chatbot development system that transforms the way your company communicates and powered by accurate data.

If you want to learn more about how to improve your company’s processes with artificial intelligence applications, talk to one of our specialists.

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