6 Tips to Sell on the Internet

Lais Padilha


15 de March de 2019
4 min. de leitura
Lais Padilha


15 de March de 2019
4 min. de leitura
6 Tips to Sell on the Internet

Entrepreneurs work to increase their sales every day, and the internet world has become the fastest alternative to generating results. However, it´s not enough to just create a virtual store and advertise products and services randomly. To get results on the digital platforms, companies need to know the market trends.

After knowing the habits and preferences of the public, working with tools that facilitate the reach of customers and high-quality service are the first steps to do well in this market.

Even so, only these actions are insufficient to have results. So this article will give you 6 tips to sell on the internet.

1 – Start by planning

One of the main doubts of any entrepreneur in digital commerce is how to get started. In this process, other questions arise, such as which marketing strategies to adopt for the business and how to make the disclosure.

Planning each step can help solve those issues! And the main one is: where to sell the product?

There are two models of virtual stores on the market to advertise on the internet: e-commerce and marketplace. Everything you need to know about the marketplace and e-commerce is here.

On the one hand, e-commerce is the virtual store of a single company. In it, the entrepreneur needs to invest in digital marketing strategies and content to increase the dissemination and positioning of the site.

The marketplace, in turn, is a space that brings together several suppliers that offer the same product. The seller pays nothing to put the product in the air but disburses a percentage for each completed transaction.

There are numerous advantages to both platforms, choose the one that is most suitable for your business.

2 – SEO Strategies

This is the strategy to improve the positioning of sites in search, such as Google, the main search engine on the Internet. Being on the front page makes life easier for entrepreneurs working with digital commerce.

So, invest in keywords studies to help the customer find your product! To make this work easier, use keyword planning tools such as Answer The Public, Keyword Tool, and Ubersuggest.

3 – Chatbots

For those who work with e-commerce, chatbots are an interesting alternative to facilitate the relationship with customers. The chatbot is software that simulates human chat.

This computer program is ideal for virtual stores because they serve to capture information, identify the sales funnel of customers, make sales and ask questions about the products.

On the homepage of the sites, having a chatbot facilitates the multiplication of customer service channels from the company.

4 – CRM

To record all the customer’s journey in an integrated way, there is CRM, which is responsible for storing all the consumer data, helping in all the processes in the purchase and sale of products.

One of the main functionalities of CRM is email marketing, which automatically sends targeted emails with ads and information about a product.

5 – Security certificate

Do you know that padlock that’s in front of the browser next to the e-mail address? So, that padlock means that the site is safe to navigate. By being secure, the domain has greater confidence of users, especially when it provides their personal data.

So, invest in security certificates such as SSL. This is a must for anyone working with e-commerce.

6 – Forms of payment

All electronic commerce must provide direct payment ways on the internet, by card and bank bill. There are a variety of online payment methods, such as Paypal, Pagseguro, Mercado Pago and Moip, which work with secure and fast transfers and other benefits.


Much of the product deliveries are made by the post office but, due to size and weight restrictions, it´s necessary to use carriers and even the vehicle itself for delivery. Therefore, all delivery costs must be calculated on freight. This gives more transparency to who buys your product.


Improving your position on the search pages makes your company well located by the customer.

From there, you need to maintain good communication with the consumer, provide security for data provision, and guarantee payment and delivery options, so that the customer feels safe and comfortable in buying at your store.

These tool tips and platforms for virtual stores are the most important steps to start your business.

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