5 ways to automate processes in customer service



7 de June de 2018
4 min. de leitura


7 de June de 2018
4 min. de leitura
5 ways to automate processes in customer service

More and more companies are prioritizing the quality of customer service and automating processes may be the best way to achieve this goal. There are already several technological resources to improve the relationship with the public.

The main benefit of investing in the automation of this process is the saving of time and resources of the company. This makes the service process more efficient.

By using chatbots in the initial service, for example, it’s possible to offer a personalized service to several clients at the same time. In this context, automating service processes can offer substantial benefits to the user experience.

Pensando nisso, nesse post vamos contar 5 maneiras para você promover a automatização do atendimento em sua empresa. Preparado? Então nos acompanhe!

Thinking about it, in this post, we will tell you 5 ways you can promote the automation of customer service in your company. Are you ready? Follow us!

1. Set the team focus

At first, it’s necessary to seek the customer satisfaction in service. In order for this to become a reality in your company, all employees must keep this premise in mind when performing their duties.

Because employees are the business front line, they are the ones who deal most directly with customers. Therefore, it’s necessary to instruct them and inform them as much as possible to solve the demands of the public in an agile and pleasant way.

In addition, to align these goals, you can promote workshops, lectures, and meetings between employees and management staff, in order to empower them and strengthen their commitment.

2. Optimize processes

Here, less is more! Consider more objective ways of meeting customer requests. To achieve this, you can simplify the service process.

Ask yourself, for example, if all of these steps and cadastral information will even be needed to complete a customer request.

Nesse aspecto, o uso de um software ou um portal de autoatendimento pode fazer todo o processo de forma mais dinâmica e automatizada. Possibilitando nutrir também um banco de dados sobre o perfil de seu público.

About this, using a software or a customer service portal can make the whole process automatically and more dynamically. It also allows you to create a database about the audience profile.

3. Have multiple contact channels

As you may have guessed, having just one media as the service channel is not at all compatible with the current technological reality.

Além de desafogar as linhas telefônicas e o serviço de recepção da empresa, ter vários canais de contato amplia a presença da sua empresa no dia a dia do seu público.

In addition to unlocking the phone lines and the company’s reception service, having multiple contact channels broadens your company’s presence in your audience daily lives.

You can use, for example, SMS services, for simpler demands such as information about payments and product shipments and chat service, or Chatbot when you need personalized support.

4. Invest in a good CRM

With a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM), you can save your customer data so that you don’t always keep asking them again for each service.

In addition, the software eliminates the need for paper registration cards or spreadsheets and files scattered in various folders. With a service management system, your business can have all the information in only one place.

Easy access to data and good information security, as well as the use of software to automate the service of your business, can be a watershed in your business trajectory.

5. Learn to prioritize customer services

Knowing which are the most urgent demands that need expedited service to prioritize them is a way to reduce your customer’s dissatisfaction with the service. For this, a good tip would be to create an exclusive channel to direct these most urgent requisitions, with employees qualified for this type of demand.

So, reader, we hope these tips can impact the customer service process in your company too! To get access to more tips like this first-hand, sign up for our blog!

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