3 tips for good service with chatbot on Whatsapp



10 de April de 2020
4 min. de leitura


10 de April de 2020
4 min. de leitura
3 tips for good service with chatbot on Whatsapp
 A great way to be effective in communicating with the public is to deploy a chatbot on WhatsApp, the most popular messenger in Latin America.

A great way to be effective in communicating with the public is to deploy a chatbot on WhatsApp, the most popular messenger in Latin America. Offering several possibilities for digital service channels is a basic concern of any company that wants to stand out.

Below, let’s talk about what chatbots are and how they can be used in WhatsApp Business of your business!

Chatbot on WhatsApp: powerful in customer communication

Chatbots automate communication between the company and the public. You must have already seen some of them on the websites of major retailers, always offering help and product tips. Some even have a face and a name.

Deploying a virtual assistant does not imply a large financial investment. On the contrary, in addition to optimizing repetitive demands from the public, it allows employees in your company to focus on more strategic actions.

In this case, the chatbot only notifies and sends a customer’s conversation to a human agent when requested.

They can be deployed on websites, applications, Facebook Messenger and also on WhatsApp Business of your business. That’s what we want to talk about!

1 . Automated WhatsApp Business: generate more productivity

Among the great advantages of deploying chatbot on WhatsApp are:

  • Time savings not only for the public, but for the internal team;
  • Agile solution of problems with a 24h assistant;
  • Real business opportunities with targeted conversations;
  • Improvement in the relationship with customers.

This is mainly because the virtual assistant can solve simple, bureaucratic or repetitive demands. All of this quickly and without a human agent being requested! Thus, your team can be more productive with more strategic actions.

The chatbot is also able to filter data from new customers, making a lead qualification to contribute to marketing strategies in companies.

Therefore, chatbots represent a fast, inexpensive and very advantageous way of operating for companies.

2. Use WhatsApp chatbot well with customers

First of all, it is necessary to emphasize that the use of the tool is only possible in relation to consumers who allow this type of contact. This occurs, for example, when the customer subscribes to the newsletter or, still, in terms of conditions and preference in receiving promotions.

The chatbot for Whatsapp can be applied to provide information and customer assistance after the sale is completed, for example. Thus, clarifications related to delivery times and confirmation of it can be performed through the application in an automated way.

In addition, after-sales surveys can be sent so that the user can evaluate the service and the product. This is important as it allows the company to evaluate the effectiveness of its services and the acquisition of new users.

In addition to information regarding delivery and satisfaction with the product, the company can also use chatbot on WhatsApp in order to guide the customer on how the merchandise can be used.

On the other hand, the application in digital marketing is another way of using virtual assistants in the messenger. Promotions can be disseminated, as well as the distribution of discount coupons.

Also use the tool to collect information about the consumer with a few simple questions. This way, you can qualify your audience and divide them into strategic targets.

Finally, the virtual assistant on Whatsapp can be used to effectively boost business in your company!

3. Take care

Despite all these facilities brought by chatbot on WhatsApp, care must be taken not to overdo the number of messages sent. There is a risk of becoming uncomfortable and even causing the customer to withdraw the authorization to receive information.

Also invest in content that is not necessarily about the sales process, but also about tips about your products. Developing a spreadsheet for submitting information can be useful.

Concluding …

In addition to marketing and sales optimization, chatbot on WhatsApp is also useful for reducing operating costs, as the objective is to stimulate human potential by relocating its employees to more strategic positions.

If you want to guarantee 24h service and more agility for performance in your business, start thinking about automating your communication in the messenger most used by Brazilians.

Push WhatsApp Business has official integration with the platform and is the solution to improve communication between your audience and your service teams.

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