3 tips for automating events communication

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For years, communicating events was an activity that involved very repetitive processes – such as sending emails to a user base directly from your provider or putting a person on call to answer questions left by users on the site or on company’s social networks, for example. And carrying out this routine took a good part of the task’s team day, which was unable to take on other demands.

Fortunately, technology is here to help, bringing solutions that nowadays do the same job in an automated way, which ends up optimizing the professionals time involved, who can focus on more strategic tasks.

3 useful automation applications for events communicators

Here are some suggestions for automation that can come in handy in producers’ and event coordinators’ lives:

1. Application development

Having an application – focused on a single event or, in case of courses and places with recurrent events, constantly updated – helps direct all communications to the public directly on their smartphones, as well as being able to share differentiated content, which could increase user engagement.

An interesting strategy to encourage your audience to have your app – which, in the ideal world, should be available for both Android and iOS devices – is to condition the download to any raffle or promotion whose app install is one of the requirements to enter.

2. A chatbot platform creation

The chatbot development aimed at a certain commitment can greatly optimize the events’ communication, especially in social networks. Unlike page postings viewed by a limited people number, notifications sent via chatbot reach virtually every person entered in the engagement.

In addition, more sophisticated chatbots can present more services, such as the schedule of shows of the place, sales of tickets, etc. Depending on the format of the event being advertised, it may be interesting to bet on a chatbot version with more features.

3. Email marketing use

If the event person in charge has access to the email base of most users, it could be interesting to carry out a marketing campaign focused both on publicizing the commitment and on keeping those who have already confirmed their presence engaged.

For anyone who might have been interested in the event, but hasn’t yet confirmed their presence, it’s possible to develop a number of emails exploring the positives of the event and, when feasible, offer discount options. For those who are in the daily expectation, you can offer content related to the event theme or something even more special: like a video or text made by the professional or artist exclusively for the public in question. The important thing is to maintain interest.

With the above indications about automation technologies, which come in handy for those who work with event reporting, the work of the team responsible for the promotion area will be much simpler, more efficient, and the chances of engaging more users and more sales increase.

More tips and news related to chatbots

From the suggestions we’ve presented, the latest – and perhaps you have less knowledge about the operation – is related to chatbots, an automation technology focused on customer service.

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