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18 de July de 2017
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The science fiction film Her (2014) brought to light the reflection on the impacts of the presence of chatbots, artificial intelligence, in human relationships.

The reality presented in the film is not so far from our days – we already have several successful cases using chatbots, such as Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, of course at a much lower development level than what is presented in the film.

However, this technology is already an improved way for companies to communicate with customers in a digital environment.

Therefore, to follow this global technological trend, companies need to reconfigure the use of their applications, aiming at increasingly natural and fluid communication with the customer through chatbot.

In this post, we will present two inspiring cases of using this technology in applications. Prepared? Then follow us!

1. Personality Test

This app is an example of using chatbot technology for the success of an editorial product.

Designed as an extra experience for Jean-Charles Watelet’s book reader, Improve Your Relationships, the app is the result of decades of study in the author’s behavioral psychology and can assist the user in their process of self-knowledge.

Through the user’s answers, chatbot builds a profile and gives tips that can be applied in daily life, in projects, and in relationships. He also uses astrological coordinates to determine the influence of the stars on a person’s personality.

It is also possible to cross profiles to find out the best way to relate to a particular person. In this case, the Personality Test points out where there are difficulties and offers directions to improve the relationship.

Using technology chatbot to stimulate emotional intelligence, the app already reaches 100,000 downloads in the Google Store and collects positive reviews on the platform.

2. Coty Store Check

Developed for users and partners of cosmetics marketed by the Coty network, this solution uses chatbots to support and confer purchasing PVDs of registered customers, giving support and taking questions.

Chatbot caters to users and employees, promoting productivity for the team and reducing the company’s expenses with support.

3. Chatbots Technology

Chatbots use artificial intelligence and function as a species of conversational robots, able to answer users’ questions and interact with them by voice recognition or writing.

Working internally in the architecture of the applications that offer chat interface, the chatbots are able to learn with the user with each interaction.

The tendency is for these solutions to become increasingly natural, requiring less effort from the user in this interaction.

In Japan, this technology is already more ingrained in people’s daily lives. Back in the land of the rising sun, apps like the WeChat messaging application already encompass features like asking for a pizza or calling a taxi, using chatbots technology.

Did you like this post? We hope this information has been instrumental in inspiring you in successful cases using chatbot. For more relevant data on this topic, also read the article that explains why companies should pay attention to the chatbot revolution.

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