Customer experience: what it is, pillars and how to follow up



20 de June de 2022
5 min. de leitura


20 de June de 2022
5 min. de leitura
Customer experience: what it is, pillars and how to follow up

The term “customer experience” is often mentioned among business people these days. Also known as CX, this strategy is focused on consumer satisfaction when purchasing a product or service from a company.

The biggest mistake among companies is to believe that their efforts are limited to advertising and selling. The user’s journey goes beyond the acquisition, and the post-sale is very important to deliver a great experience. It is necessary to think about the whole picture!

It is very common, for example, for people to give up the purchase because the site does not provide detailed information about the product.

This consumer may get frustrated because they have to increase their efforts to find what they want, and in the end, they may decide not to buy anything.

For you, a business owner, who does not want to lose new leads for your business, it is worth understanding how customer experience can help you! 

Continue in the article and learn about the main pillars of this strategy, as well as the best practices to optimize the user experience.

What is customer experience?

what it is customer experience

Customer experience (CX) is a strategy to improve the user experience when making a purchase. The company that is selling the product/service must facilitate as much as possible the acquisition process so that the conversion happens.

Poorly optimized platforms that hinder some stage of the consumer’s journey end up hindering their experience. Thus, the chances that this lead will leave at the very beginning or even abandon the cart grow a lot. 

The CX techniques can be applied in several ways, and its main function is to improve communication. In sales channels, it is extremely important to be informative, but with simple language, easy to understand.

Customer experience is based on the customer’s persona. After understanding your target audience, it is easier to design the right language to be adopted in the communication.

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Customer experience as a pillar of communication

This strategy is a pillar for the communication of all companies. This is because professionals need to study what the profile of consumers is before making any advertisement.

Even graphic elements interfere in the way a company communicates. Drawings can guide people with low education about what the next steps are until they close the purchase.

But these designs must change if the company communicates with users who have a higher education. The way the company communicates and works with the customer experience may change depending on the persona in question

What are the pillars of customer experience?

Customer experience is put into practice based on a few pillars. These give life to the strategy and help, above all, to be successful in the relationship with the customer.

These pillars are:

  • Effort: any kind of relationship with the company should be facilitated. The user needs to have a fluid journey, at any stage, so that the purchase is actually made;
  • Emotion: giving voice and listening to the customer is an important practice. People seek to create bonds in any situation in life, and this can be done through loyalty to the company;
  • Success: when the user can go to the end of the buying process without doubts, he tends to be more satisfied with the experience. This means that the company has achieved success in the customer journey.

What are the best practices in customer experience?

best practices for customer experience

If your company is still putting customer experience into practice, you will like these tips that we have prepared to help you deliver the best user experience. 

Check them out:

Understand your customer’s persona

As we have already said, knowing your customer’s persona is one of the main keys to success. That’s because when we identify who our target audience is, it’s easier to design prototypes based on that profile and put them to the test.

The more testing that takes place, the closer to perfect communication we get. Not to mention that the customer journey becomes much more pleasant and brand loyalty gradually increases.

Create good relationships with your customer

The customer cannot be left aside as soon as they make a purchase. Although customer experience considers it a success to finalize a sale, creating a relationship and bringing the user back is even better.

For this you can make email marketing shots with the company’s news, as well as send exclusive coupons. Associating CX with other marketing practices can increase the number of sales for your business.

Use technologies to serve your customer

Finally, new technologies can also optimize the user experience and build user loyalty.

For example, with Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can build custom chatbots that streamline communication channels and speed up user service. 

The faster your service is, the greater the customer satisfaction will be. Remember to adopt a language that is close to your target audience, and put a lot of effort into strategies to keep them close.

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