Chatbots in internal company communication: how does it work?

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28 de July de 2017
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You’ve probably heard of chat robots and know what it’s all about, but what is your opinion about using chatbots in internal communication? Do you know how this tool can be instrumental in the communication process between employees? Today, we are going to show this tendency, which is already a reality outside the country and present what can be done with the help of strategy.

Chatbots in internal communication prevent drowning in emails

One of the things with which chatbots in internal communication can help is to avoid drowning in emails. Your employees receive dozens, if not hundreds, of messages in their inbox every day, and this greatly undermines internal communication.

After all, it’s hard for these employees to know what to focus on. You can not trust that an important message will be noticed if it is sent by email. But with chatbots, you can rest assured that your communication has been viewed by all team members.

Your interface is known by all

Chatbots work because all your employees are already familiar with the messaging application interfaces. They are so comprehensive that they are probably already part of the lives of even their less connected family members.

Putting yourself in there is a way to speed up your internal communication and chatbots do this.

You do not have to be on your computer to receive a message

There are several industries in which employees do not spend all day in front of the computer or connected to an email. We can initially think of a hospital, industrial and retail sectors. Most workers in these areas have no time to waste and need to be in direct contact with the public or with machines at all times.

A transformative change in the lives of these people, however, was the advent of the smartphone. With cell phones in their pockets, they can be reached with ease. If you need to send a message to this type of offline worker, chatbots are the best way to count.

Chatbots are agile communication forms

Text messages are short and go straight to the point. They reduce your employee’s downtime while interacting with the corporation and at the same time ensuring their understanding. Chatbots in internal communication work because they are the agilest means of transmitting a message.

And because they are more agile means for the container this means that chatbots are more dynamic forms of communication also for who writes the messages. Creating an internal email with five hundred words can be a challenge, but sending a simple message of a few characters does not.

Accessibility is one of its characteristics

If all these reasons were not enough to attract your company to the use of chatbots in internal communication, we must stress that these tools are accessible. Supporting disabled users can be a difficult task for your communication team, but chatbots eliminate this barrier.

All messaging applications and operating systems used by chatbots are accessible and work very well for users with disabilities.

You can even send messages offline

Although chatbots fit nicely with media like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp they work perfectly without internet connections. If your network is slow, or just does not work, the tool can be activated by SMS and can communicate in any instance.

Did you like to know a little about the benefits of using chatbots in your company’s internal communication? So keep reading our contents!

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