Success case Consulta digital: chatbot and call center against covid

Kayalla Barreto


30 de April de 2021
9 min. de leitura
Kayalla Barreto
Kayalla Barreto


30 de April de 2021
9 min. de leitura
Success case Consulta digital: chatbot and call center against covid

More than 500 thousand interactions in Ceará from the Consulta Digital project against Covid-19during the pandemic.

The call center as a reinforcement in the fight against Covid-19 has stood out in Brazil. Consulta Digital is an example of intelligence that is revolutionizing public health in Ceará.

Created by EloGroup in partnership with Weni as an emergency solution against Covid-19, the telemedicine initiative welcomes citizens and public health professionals and has improved the services provided to people from Ceará during the pandemic.

  • More than 500 thousand interactions in less than a year in Ceará
  • More than 16 million messages in 11 months across Brazil
Business x-ray

About EloGroup
Elogroup is a Weni partner that offers consulting, training and development solutions, especially for public agencies. The company creates solutions for management problems, helping organizations to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Operating throughout the Brazilian territory in the public and private sectors, EloGroup has clients in several segments, such as health, education, industry, agribusiness, retail, media and telecom and energy.

Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília and Belo Horizonte.

Business Category

Number of employees
More than 400 employees

How many people does the business serve
In the past 5 years, it has carried out projects for more than 10 ministries and their affiliates, 12 states, 22 courts of justice and hundreds of municipalities.

Contracted solutions

  • Chatbots creation platform
  • Livechat integration for hybrid communication (chatbot and human agents)
  • Evolution consultancy at the beginning of the project

The Challenge

With the Covid-19 pandemic decreed in March 2020, there was pressure to transform the public health model in Brazil, in order to guarantee better effectiveness in serving the population and, at the same time, reduce risks, especially in the agglomeration of people and the fight against fake news.

Elogroup and Weni objective was to empower city halls and states to use the maximum of technological resources to correctly inform about the disease, reduce contagion, optimize treatment and decrease the mortality rate.

For the new technology construction, some challenges had to be overcome:

  • Fast tool’s adaptability, since new discoveries about the virus generated new information;
  • Communication with the citizen through multiple channels, especially the most popular ones, aiming at the inclusion of all affected, regardless of digital adoption;
  • Technical integrations for the citizens virtual registration in order to enable the monitoring of symptoms and improve the user experience;
  • Availability of assistance 24/7.

“To avoid the virus spread, it was necessary to run out of time to provide official information and population assistance in the most urgent way possible. Creating a communication solution and put it in use by the population in a global emergency would only be possible with a robust, flexible and intuitive technology like Weni. ” (John Cordeiro, product and technology director at Weni)

The solution: How Weni and EloGroup came together to face Covid-19

A virtual health assistant was conceived by EloGroup with Weni technologies, whose main objective was to offer secure information about the coronavirus disease.

To make the telemedicine platform complete, the partnership with Rocket.Chat platform was essential to construct the hybrid service resource.

If the citizen’s objective were merely informative, he would be able to obtain everything he needed automatically. If the bot’s intelligence understood that the user would need a human agent, he would be promptly directed to the health agents registered on the platform.

“Within a week, we CREATED the entire conversation flows AND smart rules for categorizing THE SYMPTOMS RISK. We MADE an Artificial Intelligence ready to understand the questions about the virus, as well as a human service tool set up to transfer conversations to health professionals promptly attended to these people and, finally, these functionalities in channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Website . ” (John Cordeiro, product and technology director at Weni)

The solution in Ceará government

Elogroup’s tool with Weni and Rocket.Chat technologies was promptly applied in the state of Ceará and initially called by Plantão Coronavirus. The fact that the solution is on WhatsApp, Facebook and the government website was essential to the service’s popularity.

Today the solution is called Consulta Digital as a feature of Saúde Digital, a catalog platform with several services available. Through intelligence, virtual and human assistants offer 24-hour teleorientation to population, helping the services provided by Ceará during the pandemic.

“Consulta Digital is one of the CEARÁ GOVERNMENT public health innovation fronts. We had the opportunity to conduct, with Weni, the KICK OFF and CONCEPTIOn OF THIS product that was born to support the government in managing the crisis during the pandemic. Based on the changes that isolation imposed and TELEMEDICINE’S flexible regulation, the project was able to expand to a much BIGGER digital health strategy. ” (Naiara Ambrosio, management and technology consultant at EloGroup)

Weni’s contribution to structuring the first flows and stabilizing the product was vital for the project become real. Today the relationship is supportive, but EloGroup and Weni are very proud of the results they achieved with the project.

Consulta Digital project in practice

Created to inform the population, collect data and offer remote treatment to citizens, Consulta Digital has a FAQ, medical screening and call center resources and brings a concern with Mental Health.

  • FAQ
    From a content built with answers to frequently asked questions, the assistant’s intelligence is able to answer the population’s doubts about Covid-19. The FAQ training is done constantly to update information, incorporate new content and insert questions that until then haven’t been addressed.

  • Medical screening and call center
    The screening takes place when the virtual interaction with is not enough and a health agent can be employed to direct the citizen.

    For serious cases, active work by the health worker may be necessary to ensure immediate call center via video. This has been carried out by the public agents of Ceará. It is also possible to generate a medical certificate through the platform.
  • Mental health
    In the initial idea, the mental health of the population and health professionals was also a concern and, therefore, teams of psychologists now have access to the platform to make calls.

Project’s evolution in Ceará

In October 2020, the platform which until then was entirely focused on combating the pandemic, gained two other services:

1) interconsultation: interaction between health professionals when it is necessary to clarify doubts in a synchronous and asynchronous way. The connection between professionals already offers 20 specialties.

2) teleconsultation: possibility of online care for patients who have done any hospital procedure and need a return. The patient is able to be attended without having to go back in person and void the circulation of people.


As an immediate result, official information helped the population to know and share data about the virus. This mapping contributed to a closer monitoring of suspected patients, especially in the beginning of the pandemic.

More assertive assistance
Another contribution to the Ceará’s Government was the listing of all the people reported so that they would receive shots of information and interact with updates on the disease. So far, this has been helpful in providing more accurate clinical care.

More accurate monitoring
An important benefit for the population was the automatic and agile follow-up of patients confirmed with Covid-19 since the first consultation. The process is optimized thanks to the multichannel monitoring that health agents can do.

Ceará’s governor Camilo Santana, constantly emphasizes in his transmissions on social media the importance of tools such as chatbot intelligence. “It is another communication channel for the population. Citizens can receive guidance on what is the right time to look for a health unit ”, he reiterated.

These are some numbers from the Consulta Digital project:

  • 437 health agents registered on for human assistance;
  • More than 500 thousand accesses in less than a year in Ceará.

Intelligence in other country’s regions
The intelligence has also been used and personalized in other states. In almost a year, more than 16 million messages were exchanged across Brazil.

After the success of Consulta Digital in Ceará, it was realized that public health can be improved through digital initiatives. The future of the solution is promising, as Naiara Ambrosio says:

“After observing the expressive results during the pandemic for the thousands of people who already enjoy quality reception and care in comfort and safety, we believe that there is still a lot to contribute to the lives of citizens who are increasingly adept at this disruption. ” (Naiara Ambrosio, management and technology consultant at EloGroup)

Social Impact

Consulta Digital is one of Weni’s greatest success stories in the health field. It helps in the fight against Coronavirus and has already reached surprising numbers of impacted people.

We at Weni have the mission of unlocking human potential by socially impacting the world, so we are very proud to contribute with a solution as promising as the one it brought:

  • Easy access to secure information for the entire population, using WhatsApp, one of the most popular communication channels in Brazil;
  • More care and attention in monitoring suspected and confirmed patients, following the evolution of the disease and the well-being of citizens;
  • Less contagion by avoiding crowds by educating people from Ceará about the moment.

“The intelligence created to help AGAINST Covid-19 allowed thousands of people to be served by health professionals without leaving home, maintaining social distance and not overcrowding the points of service. The interaction through WhatsApp allowed people THAT LIVE in the most remote PLACES to have the same service as those close to large cITIES. They were not only looking for information or medical support, they also needed psychological support and the project has evolved to the point of also providing this very important support. THE PROJECT goes beyond medical access and support, it is saving lives. ” (Leandro Neves, CEO of Weni)

The base intelligence of Consulta Digital, in Ceará, was replicated to more than 300 Brazilian cities and, through it, we enhanced the health service to citizens and enabled a better use of the health agents capacity.

Weni Platform and the other tools used in the project construction are highly adaptable to different contexts, which proves to be very useful to carry out any project in the health area that needs to be customized according to the client’s needs.

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