RapidPro & U-Report news: Modifying poll’s flow


By now I would like to share a piece of information that can have a negative impact on a Poll that you’re about to display on your U-Report Country website and harm its accuracy. It’s about modifying a flow that was already sent to reporters.

As you know, RapidPro has a lot of features to protect reporters data and keep it anonymous. That’s necessary to meet the Privacy Policy for U-Report program.

That said, please understand the importance to test every single option, text, category, contact field name, contact field value… everything within flows features before sending it to reporters.

Why is this so important? Well, having a flow that was already started to a group of reporters and replied by them, just by modifying a single category name on a Wait for response will make the values previously stored on that Ruleset disappear!

That’s necessary to grant the Privacy Policy the power to assure that what the reporter said can’t be manually modified.

In short, don’t ever make any changes on a Poll flow after it’s already being replied by reporters. Unless you are Ok with losing the replies from that moment back.



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