RapidPro & U-Report news: Flow’s names


Today I would like to call your attention to flow’s names. This seems to be a very simple feature and should do no harm right? Unfortunately not!

Giving the flow a name can cause some unexpected behaviors.
For example using special characters like ” # @ / : , . ! ‘ * % & $ ( | / can prevent contacts from receiving the flow properly depending on the channel they’re supposed to reply. As every channel has its own way to be connected to the platform it becomes quite challenging to fight issues like this.
It can also affect triggers and referrers. Another example is creating a Facebook ad triggering a flow with special characters, if the flow has # it may not start at all.

You’re safe to name flows using or spaces.

So, there’s a very simple way to avoid problems like this. Just don’t use a special character to give flows’ name. 😀
If it’s really necessary there’s a way to sort flows using a RapidPro feature called Labels.
All you have to do is select the box to the left of the flow name you want to sort and click at the tag icon so you can give that flow a label. If the label is already created all you need to do is click on it.


The last thing for today, flows’ name is a safe thing to change! So feel free to modify and label it even if you started that as polls.



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