Choose chatbot tool: what to consider?



28 de September de 2017
5 min. de leitura


28 de September de 2017
5 min. de leitura
Choose chatbot tool: what to consider?

Automation in customer service has changed the interaction between the consumer and the brands, it is no longer a market trend and today it can be considered as a necessity for many companies.

The chatbots service solution – robots that interact in conversations with consumers – has the advantage of reducing costs and improving consumer satisfaction due to the speed and availability of this tool for clarifying doubts and solving problems.

But to adopt the automated service, the company needs, before, to know how to choose the ideal chatbot tool.

Why is chatbot good option to use in the company’s SAC?

New technologies have provided definite changes in the interaction between the consumer and the brands. Mainly because of social networks and instant messaging programs – like WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, etc. – which made contact between the company and public a simple task.

These channels are often used by the public as SAC – Citizen Assistance System.

The demand for service grew and was bureaucratized with the new technologies. The consumer contacts the companies in whatever way he or she deems most accessible and not necessarily by the channel that the company has defined as SAC – usually a phone or a contact email.

In a traditional call center, made up of human servants, each of them can talk to only one client at a time. By betting on digital solutions, from artificial intelligence, the company’s contact with the public is streamlined, increasing the agility in the assistance, since several clients are attended at the same time.

Several requests received in the SAC of the companies are repeated and for them, the chatbots are highly recommended, as they free the other channels of attention and the attendants themselves to solve questions that require analysis due to the degree of complexity.

When can chatbots be used in the service?

Chatbots have as main application to facilitate the work of the SAC. In a direct language, they unload Call Centers. They have more advanced technology, through artificial intelligence, they are able to interpret semantically the individualities of consumer issues.

In Lead Capture

When a person interacts with the company through chatbots, they can leave information that is valuable to content marketing for a later contact. With this information, you can:

  • offer relevant content to convert the lead;
  • register chat visitor data with preliminary questions such as name, email and phone;
  • to construct segmented conversational flows, from the acquired learning through the interaction of the bots with the consumer;
  • sending nutrition content to leads.

In the customer service process

Chatbots efficiently replace human attendants in repetitive cases, which are present in all call centers. Even if human intervention is needed, in more specific cases, it is possible to solve a large number of cases with the chatbots in a preliminary screening.

In communication with the user

With chatbots, consumers contact your company through applications that they normally use on a day-to-day basis, such as Skype, Telegram, etc. without it having to download new applications.

How to create efficient chatbot?

In order for a chatbot to be used efficiently by the company, it is necessary to adopt some criteria:

  • standardize the language of the service with the other channels of the brand, that is, if the language is formal and does not allow slang, adopt the same attitude in chatbots – align with the image of your brand;
  • accurate and consistent answers to the information requested by the client. The shot can backfire and even irritate the consumer if it does not provide coherent answers;
  • make the chatbot humanized and welcoming, facilitating interaction with the consumer;
  • understand the reasons why people would contact your brand using the chatbots and direct the flow of service according to this demand;
  • identify the repetitive processes of your Call Center and address the most common occurrences for your automated CPS;
  • start the service by suggesting to the user how it should start the flow, something like: “Hello, You want information about … “. Think about the possible interactions and, if necessary, end up directing you to a human attendant in cases where chatbot cannot resolve the request.

How to choose a chatbot tool?

There are already several chatbots tools on the market. You should choose the tool that best fits your business, analyze the complexity it demands, and finally choose the tool you want to use.

There are on the market from simpler tools that respond only “yes” or “no” to customer interaction, to more advanced tools that use intellectual intelligence and are able to use semantics in responding to user requests.

Remember: the consumer does not usually forget the experience he had with the service of a brand. That is why:

  • make sure that chatbot acts on the communication channels that your audience is present – ideally, it is present in several;
  • identify the reason your business needs a chatbot and prefer a platform that suits your business niche. For example, check flights and travel and mileage notifications without having to download the airline application, consult schedules, etc .;
  • make sure the platform offers the possibility to configure intuitive flows;
  • prefer a chatbot platform that has national support;
  • a good chatbot tool is present on multiple channels;
  • to facilitate the management of the chatbot tool, make sure it provides user control and dynamic fields, as well as reports and performance charts;
  • it is important that chatbot allows the creation of campaigns for nutrition and conversion of leads;
  • chatbot must be customizable and allow you to apply the identity of your company;
  • a good chatbot generates performance reports, which indicate the issues the robot was unable to select. With these reports, your company can apply improvements in the conversation flow.

You already know how to choose a chatbot tool. If you liked this content, please contact Push and learn more about our tool.

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