The importance of UX to create a successful chatbot



10 de January de 2018
3 min. de leitura


10 de January de 2018
3 min. de leitura
The importance of UX to create a successful chatbot

Considering that virtual assistants are directly related to the browsing experience and that they are limited to a conversational interface, it wouldn’t be pertinent to develop them without respecting the good practices of design. Thinking about this, we prepared this article, to talk about the importance of UX to the chatbot.

First of all, we must make it clear that when we mention the term “conversational interface” we are referring above all to the main purpose of this technology, which is to provide a conversation between humans and robots.

That is why the aesthetic and functional part is so important and can’t be neglected in any way. A relevant issue is that chatbots are already taking the lead in customer service, often being the first contact channel.

Anyway, we will show the importance of UX to chatbot and the tips to create a good design. Continue reading and check it out!

Importance of UX to the chatbot

At first, nothing better than clarifying the concept of UX, the acronym for “User Experience”.

Also called UX design, the term is attributed to one of the main goals with regard to the usability of an interface, both on the web and on mobile devices.

And what is this goal? The answer: build a practical experience and at least a satisfactory one. That simple.

That’s why UX for chatbot is so important as it plays a significant role in the credibility of your brand.

After all, technology acts as a link between business and consumer: sinning in this aspect can give the same impression of inadequate service in physical stores, for example.

What should you consider to offer a good user experience?

In order to provide a good user experience, you should at least look at the following tips:

Set a person for chatbot

To get started, set a person for the chatbot. In other words, imply that communication is being made with a real person, even if the customer knows it is not.

The idea here is to make your chatbot humanize the service, that is, getting out of the robotization a little. Use the image of some collaborator (or some) and determine a language that is between the formal and the informal.

Customize the tool

Another tip that deserves to be highlighted is the tool customization. This means that you must adjust your messages to make them as individualized as possible.

Avoid over-repetition. Here, configure your chatbot to get the best engagement you can, giving you the feeling that it is really understanding the customer.

Provide user feedback

No less relevant is the feedback to the user, which should always be given, don’t forget that. Understand that when consumers get in touch, they are looking for a solution to their questions or problems.

Before that, don’t abandon them in any case, always give them an answer. In cases which the situation can’t be solved by the chatbot, leave that to a real attendant.

In short, a good UX to chatbot is one that can be useful and pleasant, well developed aesthetically and also in its functional part.

To go deeper into the subject, be sure to check out the importance of the User Experience in communicating with customers!

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