Customer retention and mobile communication automation

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Sustains customer loyalty is ten times cheaper than winning a new one. Someone who already knows and likes your company is more likely to bring new users even more engaged. This is, therefore, the value of customer retention. But applying this maxim to marketers requires allies to assist in the automation of communication, especially mobile. Therefore, solutions with this goal start to gain even more market in times of economic instability.

Increasingly humanized, tools focused on process automation and interactions allow a lean team to scale its activity and retain users. For this, it is important to map the communication process identifying the opportunities of relationship with the user. Push notifications, feedback request, and customer service are some of the possibilities to keep up with frequent contact.

With the interaction data, the manager can get more details of the behavior of his base and thus categorize it to offer even more personalized messages and communications. Retention rate, average ticket, indications, consumer journey time, main pains are some of the indexes that can be used to generate even more business (purchase, repurchase, affiliation) with the active customer base.

Increase the retention rate

Some applications can already be used by those who want to increase the retention rate of their business. One of them is the Lucy application that makes free calls to your contact list. With it, you reduce the cost of long-distance calls to get even more responsive returns from your audience. Telegram is another messenger example that automatically customizes user interaction. Logged into their platforms, the user can use simple commands to share favorite music, video, and emoji.

Some Telegram commands (inline bots):

  • @youtube: opens the list of videos with which the user interacted
  • @sticker: opens the list of virtual stickers
  • @music: offers download of various compositions

Chatbots do Telegram facilitam personalização de mensagens | Fonte: Tecnoloblog

Another alternative for those who want to implement content marketing actions in an automated way is IlhaPush. The Ilhasoft solution, which can be integrated with Telegram and Facebook Messenger, has a drag-and-drop look to facilitate the assembly of interaction streams. The tool manager can create automatic conversations, tests, and even polls that apply to an already-known group of users. Thus, it facilitates the return to frequently asked questions and makes mass communications with security, personalization, and practicality.

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