Chatbots, poets, and writers are together: know why.

Robô com face humana olhando para a tela

The growth of messaging applications such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Skype boosts technology company increasingly interested in conversation solutions. More than sending and receiving messages, the future of mobile development lies in the improvement of chatbots. So much so that poets, writers, and writers already have a guaranteed spot in Silicon Valley companies interested in humanizing their applications.

A recent article by The Washington Post estimates that by 2025, 12.7 million new jobs will be occupied by professionals dedicated to building robots or automation software. We now have some interesting examples. This is the case of Cortana, virtual assistant of Windows Phone and Slack that help in the management of productivity of teams, especially those that work remotely. Other virtual assistants are now available to train meditation, assist in medical diagnosis, and schedule meetings and send emails.

Celular e computador mostarndo o Slack funcionando

To make interaction with robots even more friendly, companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Amazon invest in hiring theater, poetry and screenwriting professionals to join designers and developers. Called artificial intelligence writers, storytellers have the mission of contextualizing questions and actions taken by the user in chatbots. Events that are recorded in the cloud and interpreted by the robot thanks to the advancement of the machine learning areas and their ability to understand human speech.

In addition to directing the robotic voice replacement through human dialogues, these experts come together to create true interaction scripts for virtual assistants. Using emoticons, exclamations, the tone of voice are just some of the characteristics that should express the personality and emotional baggage imagined for the chatbot. An apprenticeship that is at an early stage and that must overcome the dilemmas involving the relationship of man with a machine more and more like himself. An innovation that must optimize the areas that are dedicated to the relationship with the customer.

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