5 tips to reduce costs in the call center using chatbots



6 de November de 2017
3 min. de leitura


6 de November de 2017
3 min. de leitura
5 tips to reduce costs in the call center using chatbots

Developed to aid in the companies communication and organizations in general, chatbots are no longer just a trend to become a reality. Excellent for customer service and for those who want to reduce costs in the call center, this technology is a great help in automating processes.

With its rule-based operation or on artificial intelligence, it’s known that this tool is able to solve doubts that consumers may have regarding products or services, for example.

Anyway, in this article, specifically, we’ll present you five reasons why chatbots help reduce costs in the call center. The subject deserves attention, so keep reading and check it out!

1. Economy with telephone

Certainly, one of the main expenses with regard to the call center operations is originated in the telephones use. By reducing the need for their use, chatbots ultimately reduce the costs of this sector.

By providing them to the public, the number of calls to the call centers certainly has a drop, since the service hitherto carried out via telephone can be found through this software.

2. 24-hour service

As you may already know, unlike traditional retail, e-commerce usually doesn’t respect the usual business hours. Requests at night, at dawn, on weekends and also on holidays are totally normal.

And what does that mean in this case? That with the chatbots, you won’t have to worry about hiring professionals to serve consumers on such occasions.

Chatbots are, no doubts, the best value for money when it comes to 24-hour service, seven days a week.

3. Service errors reduction

Do you know that shuttle that still happens a lot due to service errors? Well then: this is a type of problem that chatbots tend to decrease, thus reducing costs in the call center.

In other words, the faster the service, the lower the costs. That simple. Of course, chatbots aren’t free from flaws, but the point to note is that all errors can be adjusted so that they don’t occur again.

4. Streamlined customer service

Streamlined service is another example worth mentioning. By being “received” by a chatbot, the user won’t run the risk of having to wait for long periods to have their demands answered.

This agility in service will give the relationship channel a greater tranquility, influencing the employees’ number needed for support and, consequently, costs.

5. Increased Productivity

Last, but not least, comes increasing productivity. With the lowest telephone demand and the lowest error rate, it’s natural that service providers can produce more compared to when chatbots weren’t used.

Anyway, these are some of the reasons that prove why chatbots help reduce costs in the call center. And remember: in addition to this benefit, the customer service quality is also optimized.

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